My Boo Kumasi EP6 e-Cargo bike: Powering Sustainable Urban Transport with Bamboo

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Sometimes the world surprises you, presents you with an amalgamation of culture, technology, and sustainability, all in a single, sturdy frame. Today, we're going to talk about one such marvel – the Kumasi EP6, a bamboo electric cargo bike, the brainchild of the German bicycle company, My Boo. It's not just any e-cargo bike, it's the vanguard of a greener era, a vehicle that not only serves your logistical needs but does so without harming the environment.

The engineering and design are astounding. The frame, a composite of bamboo and flax, is sourced sustainably from Ghana, a place I hold dear. The bamboo here grows freely, without any chemical intervention, and is meticulously assembled by local craftsmen, their hands weaving together the spirit of the land and the vision of a greener future. The flax composite, akin to carbon fiber, is then integrated, making the bike resilient yet shock-absorbent.

I'm no stranger to the extraordinary, but the use of bamboo in bicycle and ebike construction, especially for cargo bikes, is something relatively unseen. The journey of this bamboo from the fertile soils of Ghana to the assembly lines in Kiel, Germany, is a testament to the innovative spirit of My Boo.

But the bamboo frame isn't the only marvel here. The Kumasi EP6 boasts a new belt-driven steering system that ensures a seamless riding experience, even with the wheel way out in the front. This e-cargo bike is powered by a Shimano Steps EP6 electric-assist drive with a 630-Wh battery pack and a 10-gear cassette. With a load area of 25.5 inches up front, this bike can handle a variety of cargo – from your groceries to your kids.

Weighing 97 lbs with the battery installed, the Kumasi EP6 can handle up to 418 lbs of weight, making it a reliable workhorse for urban dwellers. It's also equipped with Shimano MT4 four-piston brakes and a Suntour SF20 Mobie ebike fork for maximum safety and comfort.

The price tag might be a bit steep, but consider what you're getting – an investment in sustainability, a statement of your commitment to a greener future. It's a machine that draws from the roots of our planet to propel us into a more sustainable tomorrow.

The Kumasi EP6 is more than just an electric cargo bike. It's a convergence of tradition, technology, and sustainability. As we navigate the urban jungle, this bamboo steed could very well be our companion, reminding us of our roots and guiding us towards a greener horizon.

As with any product, the Kumasi EP6 has its strengths and potential drawbacks. Here's a quick rundown:


  1. Sustainability: The Kumasi EP6 stands out for its innovative and eco-friendly use of bamboo and flax for its frame. This makes it a great choice for those seeking to minimize their carbon footprint.
  2. Strength and Durability: The use of bamboo, known for its strength and resilience, combined with flax composite, ensures that the bike can withstand the weight and stress of cargo transportation.
  3. Smooth Ride: Bamboo frames offer shock-smoothing qualities similar to carbon fiber. This, combined with the Suntour SF20 Mobie ebike fork, ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even with heavy loads.
  4. Powerful and Efficient: With a Shimano Steps EP6 electric-assist drive and a 630-Wh battery pack, the bike promises a powerful and efficient performance. The 10-gear cassette also offers a range of speed options.
  5. Innovative Steering System: The belt-driven steering system enhances handling, especially important given the front-heavy design of cargo bikes.


  1. High Cost: Priced at approximately $8,775, the Kumasi EP6 is a significant investment. While it offers many benefits, its high cost may put it out of reach for many potential customers.
  2. Weight: The bike itself weighs 97 lbs, which could make it challenging to maneuver when not in use, especially in urban environments where it may need to be carried up stairs or stored in tight spaces.
  3. Niche Material: While bamboo has its advantages, it's still a relatively uncommon material in bike construction. Its long-term durability, especially in different climates and weather conditions, may be unproven compared to more traditional materials like steel or aluminum.
  4. Maintenance: The unique materials and construction of the bike may require specialized care or repairs that could be more complex or costly than those for a traditional bike.
  5. Availability: As the bike is currently only available for preorder, there might be delays or complications in delivery that early adopters will have to contend with.

Like all products, the Kumasi EP6 may be the perfect fit for some users, while others might find it doesn't meet their needs or budget. It's always important to consider your personal requirements and circumstances when choosing a product.

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