Sorinex Free Standing JˣSquat™: Your Versatile Partner in Strength Training

Versatile, compact, safe strength training

You're standing there, you can almost taste the anticipation. You're on the edge of a great adventure, and all you've got to do is take the first step. The Sorinex Free Standing JˣSquat™ is the embodiment of that step. It's your passport to a world where strength, endurance, and mobility are the currencies that really matter. The ultimate destination? A better version of yourself.

A glance at this machine reveals an imposing stature of 67 inches when stored. The mere sight of it challenges you, whispering promises of the strength you could possess. It stands on a base with a width of 31.92″ and depth of 30.91″, an assertion of stability and trust, ready to support your most ambitious endeavours.

Now, let's look at the 72″ single length and the 106″ double length. This is where versatility meets individuality. Whether you're into solo endeavours or believe that strength grows in numbers, this machine caters to both. The solo path offers focus, intensity. The double? A sense of community, shared goals, camaraderie.

It's not just a piece of equipment; it's a testament to a modern, functional, and innovative way of achieving physical prowess. It replaces large belt squat machines, offering not only the most training options per square foot, but also a refreshing sense of functional safety and modularity.

And let's not forget the fulcrum point. At 16″ from the ground, it's a metaphor for the balance we all strive for: between exertion and recovery, between ambition and patience, between strength and flexibility.

This machine's versatility doesn't stop at its configuration. Where you attach the JˣSquat attachment can increase either length or height, giving you even more options to tailor your training.

The Free Standing JˣSquat is more than just metal; it's a commitment that needs to be bolted to the ground, a commitment to bettering oneself and pushing the boundaries.

Whether you choose the single or double-sided version, the package includes a base, Jammer Arm(s), JˣSquat(s), a Spud Inc Belt, and plate storage pins. Each component hand-picked, each a testament to quality and durability.

The Sorinex Free Standing JˣSquat™ is a bold statement. It's a challenge. It's an opportunity. It's a testament to what you can become. It's your personal trainer, your support system, your adversary, and your companion on the journey towards becoming the best possible version of yourself.


  1. Versatility: With its modularity and the option to configure as a single or double station, the Free Standing JˣSquat caters to a wide range of training routines. You can switch up your workout, prevent training monotony, and target different muscle groups.
  2. Space Efficiency: Replace those large, unwieldy belt squat machines with this compact, efficient design. It offers the most training options per square foot, making it perfect for limited spaces.
  3. Functional Safety: With a low fulcrum point, 16″ from the ground, this machine promotes safer workouts. The design minimizes the risk of injury and allows for a broader range of movements.
  4. Simultaneous Training: Especially with the double station option, multiple athletes can train at the same time. It's a great feature for team training or gym environments.
  5. Quality Materials and Design: Built with robust materials, the Free Standing JˣSquat is designed to withstand intense workouts. The included Spud Inc Belt and Jammer Arm(s) attest to this machine's quality.


  1. Price: At $1,369 for the single station and $2,086 for the double station, it's a significant investment. It might not fit everyone's budget, especially casual fitness enthusiasts or beginners.
  2. Installation: This machine must be bolted to the ground, which might not be possible or convenient in all locations. It also implies a level of permanence that might not suit everyone.
  3. Complexity for Beginners: Its versatility, while a strong selling point, may also be a drawback for beginners. The multitude of options could be overwhelming for those new to fitness training.
  4. Additional Equipment Required: While it comes with essential components like the Jammer Arm(s), JˣSquat(s), Spud Inc Belt, and plate storage pins, you will need to purchase weight plates separately. The need for additional investment could be a drawback for some.
  5. Height Requirements: Given its stored height of 67″, the machine might not fit comfortably in spaces with low ceilings. It's an important factor to consider when planning your training space.

$1,369 (Single)
$2,086 (Double)

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