Slash Microblade by Malboro & Kane: A Tungsten Marvel in Miniature Engineering

Compact, durable, tungsten keychain microblade

One of life's certainties is its unpredictability, but tools like the Slash microblade come in handy when navigating the unforeseen turns. This pocket-sized marvel could just as easily double as a metaphor for the perfect travel companion – compact, dependable, and ever-ready to face any challenge that comes its way.

Forged by Malboro & Kane (M&K), a company already revered in the world of micro-tools, this tiny titan lives up to its name. Imagine a gadget no bigger than your thumbnail, with a punch packed so powerful it could send heavyweight tools to the ropes. Measuring a mere 32 mm tall (about 1.25 inches), the Slash fits effortlessly on your keychain, allowing it to tag along unobtrusively yet reliably on your life's escapades.

This miniature masterpiece conceals a razor-sharp tungsten blade within its exoskeleton. Just as a samurai's sword unveils its lethal elegance only when needed, the blade – a mere 8 mm (0.3 inches) long – comes into view only when the capsule is unscrewed. This isn't just a token of miniature engineering; the Slash's functionality is as real as the cuts it delivers. And worry not about its longevity, for tungsten promises a shelf-life longer than the oldest whiskey in your cabinet.

Speaking of its capsule, you have the liberty to choose your style – titanium, brass, or copper – a nod to the individuality we each embrace. For those seeking to collect them all, there's an option to pledge enough for a set of all three versions, kind of like an arsenal of functionality you can wear on your keychain.

What struck me the most was the thoughtfulness of design. The blade's curvature and the smooth top edge allow it to rest comfortably against your finger, granting you the control of a craftsman despite the tool's minuscule size. It’s the perfect blend of might and comfort in a small package.

Let's not forget, this contraption comes with a safety guarantee. The silicone in the lid ensures a secure fastening while creating a vacuum seal, leaving no room for accidental blade slips. It's quite remarkable – a device that's as safe as it is potent.

Now, about the price. A pledge of about $25 will get you a Slash of your choice, while about $58 gives you the complete trifecta. Considering the longevity and practicality of this tool, the cost seems a fair trade.

Travel, whether it's around the world or just to the corner store, often calls for tools of unexpected necessity. The Slash is poised to be that trusty, always-on-hand companion that makes the journey a little easier, a little more manageable. I appreciate the Slash's understated practicality and the sense of preparedness it provides. It's certainly something I'd consider as a reliable companion for life's unpredictable twists and turns.

So, whether you're an urban explorer or a suburban warrior, don't underestimate the power of this tiny titan. The Slash might just be the trusty sidekick you didn't know you needed.


  1. Compact Size: With its small size and the ability to attach it to a keychain, it's convenient to carry around on all of your adventures.
  2. High-quality Materials: The blade is made from tungsten, a highly durable and sharp material, which ensures the tool's longevity. The capsule itself can be made from titanium, brass, or copper, depending on your preference.
  3. Versatile and Functional: Despite its small size, it's a powerful tool that can handle a variety of cutting tasks.
  4. Secure and Safe Design: The self-tightening silicone and vacuum seal ensure a secure closure, reducing the risk of accidental exposure of the blade.
  5. Comfortable to Use: The curved top edge is designed to be comfortable against your finger, allowing for controlled and easy use.
  6. Trustworthy Manufacturer: Malboro & Kane have run several successful Kickstarter campaigns before, which speaks to their credibility and ability to deliver on their promises.


  1. Price: Depending on your budget, the cost could be seen as a con. A single blade will cost around $25, and if you want all three versions (titanium, brass, or copper), it would be around $58.
  2. Limited Functionality: While it's a highly effective cutting tool, its function is singular. If you're looking for a multi-tool device, this might not be the best choice.
  3. Safety Concerns: While it has been designed with safety in mind, there's always an inherent risk with carrying a sharp object, especially in close proximity, like in your pocket.
  4. TSA Compliance: Although the Slash's blade length is well below the TSA limit, it's advised to stow it in checked baggage for peace of mind during air travel, potentially limiting its convenience for frequent flyers.
  5. Not Yet Produced: As with any Kickstarter product, there is a risk involved as the product doesn't exist yet. Despite the company's track record, there's no absolute guarantee of delivery.


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