Elevate Your Ride with Pando Twin Leather Jacket’s Exceptional Design & Quality

Stylish, protective, comfortable, durable, rider-centric

It's a sweltering summer evening, the smell of hot asphalt lacing the air as I pull up on a road grizzled by tire marks and spattered motor oil. It's been a long ride, but here I am, saddled in a silhouette of midnight black, a moniker of adventure and rebellion – the Pando Twin Leather Jacket.

Right off the bat, it isn't any ordinary motorcycle jacket. As I slide my arms into the plush confines, the buffalo black leather, thick at 1.2mm, feels like a second skin. Resilient to wear and tear, it boasts a performance level AA in accordance with EN 17092. It's a steadfast companion, reliably enduring the trials of the road while wrapping me in its rugged comfort.

What distinguishes this jacket from the rest, though, are the diamond quilted panels that line the front. They don't just add to the aesthetic; the detachable quilted padding also lends a layer of warmth on colder rides, justifying its substantial price tag of €459.

Inside, there's a polyester/viscose lining imprinted with the words ‘ENGINEERED BY RIDERS', a testimony to its craftsmanship. Every element here has been designed with the rider in mind. Snap-down lapels and collar, bi-swing panels at the back for better movement, perforated armpits for ventilation. They've thought of everything.

Zipping up, I can't help but admire the subtle branding on the sleeve cuffs. It's a small detail, but as they say, it's the little things that make the biggest difference. Matt black YKK zippers with leather pullers that match the jacket's stealthy aesthetic, adding a hint of class to the whole ensemble.

As a seasoned rider, I appreciate the inclusion of three outside zippered pockets and an internal chest pocket, perfect for stashing away life's little essentials. The debossed PANDO MOTO logo on the back of the collar is an assertive nod to the brand.

The armor, however, is where the Pando Twin Leather Jacket really shines. Inbuilt with D3O® Ghost™ CE level 1 approved elbow and shoulder armor, it is designed to protect, without compromising on comfort. For those who crave even more protection, there's an option to include QUATROFLEX CE level 2 approved lightweight back armor.

Rounding off, the adjustable side straps with metal buckles allow for a custom fit, while the jacket-trousers connection loop ensures that the jacket stays where it's meant to be, even during a rugged ride.

To be frank, the Pando Twin Leather Jacket is an investment. It's not just about the price; it's about the promise of quality, comfort, and style that it delivers. And for the rider who savors the exhilaration of the open road, it's a promise worth investing in.


  1. Quality Material: Made with 1.2mm buffalo black leather, it's built to last and can withstand the rough conditions that come with frequent riding.
  2. High-level Protection: The jacket comes with D3O® Ghost™ CE level 1 approved elbow and shoulder armor, offering a high level of safety for riders. It also has the option to add QUATROFLEX CE level 2 approved lightweight back armor.
  3. Comfort: The bi-swing panels at the back enhance movement, and the perforated armpits provide ventilation. The jacket also comes with a detachable quilted padding for thermal insulation.
  4. Multiple Pockets: With three outside zippered pockets and one internal chest pocket, there's plenty of room to store personal items.
  5. Branding: Discrete PANDO branding and the debossed PANDO MOTO logo add a touch of style to the jacket without being overly flashy.
  6. Adjustable: The jacket comes with adjustable side straps for a custom fit and a jacket-trousers connection loop for added stability during rides.


  1. Price: Priced at €459, this jacket is a significant investment. It may not be a feasible option for riders on a tight budget.
  2. Back Armor Not Included: While the jacket comes with elbow and shoulder armor, the back armor is an additional purchase. This can add to the overall cost and may be seen as an inconvenience.
  3. Weight: Although specific weight information isn't provided, buffalo leather jackets can be quite heavy. This might be a disadvantage for some riders who prefer lighter jackets.
  4. Limited Ventilation: While it has perforated armpits for ventilation, in high-temperature conditions, a fully leather jacket may not provide adequate airflow compared to a mesh or textile jacket.
  5. Maintenance: Leather jackets require more care and maintenance than other materials to keep them in good condition. The jacket may not be suitable for riders who prefer low-maintenance gear.


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