Segway Dirt eBike a good gasoline dirt bike alternative

Clean, Quiet, Powerful

Dirt bikes are loud. They also emit a lot of greenhouses gasses and require a lot of maintenance. Segway's Dirt eBikes on the other hand are quiet, do not produce emissions, and require less maintenance. You don't have to buy gas, replace spark plugs, filters, engine oil, or timing belt like for gas-powered dirt bikes.


With a top speed of 46.6 mph and a range of 74.6 miles, the Segway Dirt eBike has about the same speed and range of a 125 cc dirt bike. But with a maximum torque of 184.3 ft-lb, it has more power than most gasoline dirt bike on the market.


It also has a swappable battery so you can extend the range indefinitely using extra batteries.


Because the Segway is quiet, you experience less fatigue from noise compared to a 2-stroke 125 cc dirt bike. Less noise also makes it less distracting and perhaps more enjoyable.

highlights of the segway dirtbike

Features at a glance

There are two models of Segway Dirt eBike available: the X160 and X260. The X160 is the cheaper version of the Segway dirt bike with less power, mileage, top speed, payload, weight, and ground clearance.

Here are features of the Segway Dirt eBike:

  • Lightweight – 105.8 lbs (X160), 121.3 lbs (X260).
  • Field Oriented Controls that stabilize and adapt to your riding habits for easy handling on off-road terrains.
  • Powerful – Dual drive system and 23.6 ft-lb torque motor for 184.3 ft-lb (X260) or 162.2 ft-lb (X160) maximum rear wheel torque. Can go uphill up to 45º gradient.
  • Fast – a respectable speed for a dirt bike at 46.6 mph.
  • Great acceleration – 0 to 31 mph in 4.02 seconds.
  • Comfortable ride – Multi-link hydraulic spring central rear suspension (TR suspension) coupled with the double-shoulder inverted front fork. Suspension system developed by Segway
  • Extendable range – a fully-charged battery can take you up to 74.6 miles (X260) or 40.4 miles (X160). Swap batteries to increase range indefinitely.
  • Quick charge – battery (IP65 waterproof-rated) can be fully charged in 3-4 hours.
  • Segway-Ninebot app – for tracking riding stats and route.
Features of the Segway Dirt Ebike

Segway Dirt eBike vs Other Electric-powered Dirt Bikes

Reviews/First Looks


  • Quiet
  • Good power
  • Extendable range/swappable battery
  • Cheaper than gas-powered dirt bikes
  • Lightweight


  • Need to wait for outcome of Indiegogo campaign
  • May not be allowed on MTB trails


The Segway Dirt eBike has a top speed that's slightly more than the average top-speed of 125 cc 2-stroke gasoline-powered dirt bikes. It might even have the same range but with extra batteries, you can extend the range indefinitely. Battery fully charges in 3 – 4 hours. When it comes to power, it seems to have more torque than most gas-powered dirt bikes we've ever seen.

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