Motorized Boost Surfing Fin

Spend more time surfing

How are Surfboards Made?
How are Surfboards Made?

Most of your time surfing is spent on waiting for the right wave and paddling. Only about 8% of your is spent on actually surfing.

To get the most out of surfing, Boost Surfing created the world's first electric surfing fin. The Boost Surfing Fin replaces your existing surfboard fin with a 800 W motorized fin that gives you 20 pounds of motor thrust and can take you up to 11 mph on the water.

The Fin reduces the effort it takes to paddle so you can get to the line-up faster, catch more waves and have more fun.

Control and battery life

To control the fin is really easy. All you have to do is press the button on the remote once and the motor will run for 8 seconds.

If you want a longer boost time, press the button for a few seconds and motor will run for 20 seconds. You can interrupt the boost by pressing the button again during both long boost and short boost.

If you fall off the board, the motor will automatically stop so the board won't get away too far. The motor will also turn off when it detects you're on a wave.

A 8-second boost can be activated up to 100 times and depending on how you use it, is enough for up to 4 hours of surfing. To get more out of the battery, you can reduce the power of the motor using Boost Surfing App. You can also increase the power of the motors but it will also reduce the battery life.

To charge the Boost Surfing Fin fully takes about 1.5 hours.

The remote control can be placed on your board or on your wrist using a strap.


The Boost Surfing Fin is compatible with softboards, longboards, SUPs, FCS II, Futures. Installation is pretty simple. Watch the video below.



  • Easy installation
  • Simple controls
  • Motor stops when you fall off the board
  • Fits most boards


  • Kickstarter campaign with shipping estimated May 2020
  • No swappable battery


The Boost Surfing Fin helps you enjoy the fun part of surfing more and make the less fun parts more bearable. It's easy to install on just about any surfboard and the controls are simple to so you can focus more on surfing.

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