SPLACH Transformer – e-scooter made for action

A mini-motorbike/e-scooter hybrid

The Splach Transformer is a cross a motorbike with a scooter. You can ride it like a motorbike with the short stem installed or like a scooter with the long stem installed. Unlike normal scooters you can only stand on foot pegs on the sides. The result is a more natural riding position with your whole body including your legs facing forward.

Unfortunately, with the current design you can ‘t easily switch between motorbike mode and scooter mode. You'd have to change the handlebar stem to switch between the two modes. The stem is telescoping to adjust to riders of different heights but it won't go all the way down. 

The Transformer is basically a mini-motorbike with interchangeable stems. 

Made for action

Splach already has an electric scooter with a good suspension, which was funded about a year ago on Indiegogo. The scooter provided a comfortable ride and could somewhat be taken offroad thanks to its' front and  back suspension.

While the old Splach scooter was made for a comfortable commute, the new Splach Transformer is made for action. The design makes it possible the use of a more heavy duty suspension system you don't normally see on a kick scooter.

The Transformer uses a front and rear suspension setup that looks like it's tough  enough to handle an offroad trail. It also comes with 10 x 2.5″ pneumatic fat tires for enhanced traction and stability. 

If it's made for action then it has to have power. The Splach Transformer is powered by a 960W motor at peak, which can get you through unpaved rail trails, rocky roads, and up 28% incline hills. It can take you up to 24mph(38km/h) in 4 – 6 seconds. 

For stopping, the Transformer comes with dual wave disc brakes, which, according to SPLACH prevents overheating issues while providing maximum braking power.

Battery and range

The SPLACH Transformer is powered by a 48V, 10.2Ah battery, which can take up up to 25 miles (40km) in one charge. That's about one hour of riding or less.

Mileage varies depending on speed and terrain. A more challenging terrain obviously results in less range. 

There's also the 4 riding modes, Eco, Middle, High, and Sport. Each mode will result in a different range. 

If you need more range you can get extra batteries for $399. According to SPLACH you can swap the battery in a about 7 seconds.

You can charge the battery while it is on the scooter or off but how long it takes to charge the battery is not mentioned. 

What's in the box?


  • Smooth ride
  • Can be used off-road
  • Swappable battery
  •  Good reputation on delivering their products after Indiegogo campaign


  • Heavier than normal scooters
  • Currently not ready to ship
  • Expensive after crowdfunding campaign


The Splach Transformer is basically a mini-motorbike with a long stem that turns it into a scooter/bike hybrid. It's a scooter that uses motorcycle parts to make it more suited for offroad use than is currently possible with normal scooters. The suspension system and brakes is the best we've seen on a scooter. As a result, the SPLACH Transformer gives you a smooth ride on the road and off-road.

You can get the Transformer for $1,199 from their Indiegogo campaign. If everything goes well and the company is able to take the scooter into the market, it will be sold starting at $2,999. Splach was successful with their last Indiegogo campaign and was able to get their onroad e-scooter to the market. So these guys are pretty legit.

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