Jabra Elite 75t – Smaller and mostly better than the last one

7 highlighted features

A lot of people are excited about the Jabra Elite 75t when it first came out, especially who've owned and loved Jabra earbuds.

Here are the 6 features printed on the box of the Elite 75t:

  • Test for secure fit
  • Proven wireless connection
  • 4 microphone call technology
  • Up to 7.5 hours battery, 28 hours with charging case
  • Customize your music
  • 2-year warranty against dust and water
  • Voice assistant enabled

Tested for Secure Fit

The downfall of many earbuds is that they don't fit well and uncomfortable to use. According to Jabra, the 75t has been designed and tested for secure fit and its small size and ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use. All the reviewers I've seen have no problems with the secure fit doing the shake test and all report it to be comfortable to use even for hours. Extra tips are provided (S, M, L) so you can choose the right one to fit your ears properly.

Proven Wireless Connection

The Jabra Elite 75t uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for improved speed and range while requiring less energy. It also gives you better audio quality and the ability to connect to two devices at once. This feature can be very convenient if you frequently switch from one device to another.

4 Microphone Call Technology

The 4-microphone call technology filters out disruptive noise so you can take that call, even in noisy and windy environments.

Up to 7.5 hours battery, 28 hours with charging case

With the earbuds themselves, you can get up to 7.5 hours of play time. Together with the charging case you can get up to 28 hours. Standby time is about 6 months. It turns off automatically after 15 minutes without connection or 60 minutes without activity, which can be configured via the Jabra Sound+ app. It takes 2 hours 20 minutes for full charge via USB-C and has a fast charging feature that gets you 1 hour of play time with just 15 minutes of charging.

Customize Your Music

Using the Jabra Sound+ app you can personalize your sound to fit to your surroundings with the customizable equalizer. If you don't want to mess with the equalizer you can choose from the music preset.

2-year warranty against dust and water

The Jabra Elite 75 is water and dust-resistant with a IP55 rating. It is safe for sweaty workout sessions and can even be used in the rain. It also comes with a 2-year warranty against dust and water damage, so you can wear them with confidence.

Voice Assistant Enabled

At the push of a button, the Jabra Elite can connect to Alexa, Siri® or Google Assistant™, allowing you to quickly access the information you need.

How does it sound?

One way to describe the sound of the Elite 75t is that it is heavy on bass. Bass heads may appreciate this but it also tend to overpower the mids and the highs robbing it off some detail in sound.

According to one user, the Jabra Elite 75t sounds good but not good enough for $180 earbuds. You might disagree if you love bass. If you use the Jabra app you can reduce the effect of the bass and boost the mids and the highs as needed.

When compared to the more expensive Airpods Pro, it can be argued that you hear more detail on the Jabra Elite. The price of the Airpods Pro however might be justified with the active noise cancelling and wireless charging, which are both absent from the Jabra Elite 75t.

The sound quality of both Airpods Pro and the Jabra Elite 75t are inferior to that of the highly rated Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless and the Sony WF-1000XM3 but they're not bad at all.

Other Features

  • Music is paused when you take the earbuds out of your ears.
  • Goes to hear-through mode when you pause so you can better hear your surroundings.
  • Good passive noise cancelling.
Jabra Elite 75t vs 65t
Jabra Elite 75t vs Apple Airpods Pro


  • Better audio quality than previous version
  • Small
  • Comfortable
  • Better battery life than most TWS earbuds


  • Can only use the right earbud by itself
  • No wireless charging
  • Bass can overpower the mids and the highs
  • Less intuitive controls compared to Jabra Elite 65t


The Jabra Elite 75t is smaller, fits better, sound better, and have a longer battery life compared to the previous version, Jabra Elite 65t. Great for bass lovers.

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