Rogue TF-1 Tib Trainer – train the often overlooked Tibialis Anterior

Helps protect your knees from injuries

The Rogue TF-1 Tib Trainer is a specialized weight training tool made in the USA, designed to optimize toe raises or tib raises for strengthening the tibialis anterior muscle in the lower leg. Constructed from 11-gauge steel and SCH 40 pipe, this durable device features a machined acetal loading pin with a 1.96″ diameter, compatible with any standard Olympic plates and collars. The Tib Trainer weighs 10.8 LBS on its own and 11 LBS with an OSO Mighty Collar attached.

Targeting the tibialis anterior muscle, tib raises can help build up the muscle as well as impact the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments near the knees and ankles. This can improve range of motion and reduce the risk of recurrent knee soreness and shin splints. The TF-1 is designed for easy loading and unloading, and includes a collar to secure the plates during use. The athlete simply slides their feet between the two catch tubes, with the top tube featuring a closed-cell neoprene cover for optimal comfort.

Manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, the TF-1 Tib Trainer boasts a texture black powder coat finish, Rogue-branded plastic endcaps, and a closed-cell neoprene foam sleeve over the top foot-catch tube. Strengthening the tibialis anterior muscle with the Tib Trainer can reduce the risk of injury in high-mileage running and walking, and contribute to better overall leg health.

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