RinseKit Tailgate Pad: Ultimate Clean-Up System for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Portable outdoor gear cleaning system

In the world of outdoor adventures, a new companion is gearing up to join the journey in early 2024. Imagine the ease of rinsing off your surfboard, bike, or even your own salty skin after a day out, all while your vehicle stays pristine. This is the promise of the RinseKit Tailgate Pad, a nifty contraption that blends the utility of a 12V shower with the robustness of a tailgate bike pad.

At the heart of this innovative product is a 10-gallon water bladder, neatly tucked inside the tailgate, paired with a potent 12V, 50 PSI water pump. The convenience doesn't end there; this pump is powered through a four-pin trailer plug, ensuring that your clean-up station is just a car park away. And for those vehicles sans trailer connection, there's a cigarette plug option as well.

The real charm, however, is in the details. A seven-foot hose, complete with a shower head, offers a generous reach to cleanse your gear or cool off. The felt inner liner is a thoughtful touch, safeguarding your tailgate's paint from the scratches and scuffs of loading and unloading. With the capacity to hold up to five bikes, it's clear that the RinseKit Tailgate Pad is designed with groups and families in mind.

Weighing in at a mere 10 pounds and crafted to universally fit any tailgate with its adjustable padding and straps, this pad doesn't just add value; it brings a level of versatility that speaks to the nomadic spirit. And while the price tag hovers around $400, it's a small price to pay for the convenience and time saved from the usual hassle of post-adventure clean-ups.

The one-year limited warranty seals the deal, offering peace of mind alongside this remarkable blend of function and convenience. For adventurers who live for the outdoors but could do without the mess that comes with it, the RinseKit Tailgate Pad could very well be the next must-have.


  1. Convenient Clean-Up: The built-in shower system with a 10-gallon capacity allows for easy cleaning of equipment or showering off after outdoor activities.
  2. High-Pressure Pump: A 12V, 50 PSI water pump ensures efficient water flow for thorough cleaning.
  3. Power Versatility: It can be powered by a four-pin trailer plug or a cigarette plug, offering flexibility in power sources.
  4. Extended Reach: The 7-foot long hose provides ample length to maneuver around large items or vehicles.
  5. Vehicle Protection: The felt liner helps protect the vehicle's paint from scratches and damage while using the pad.
  6. Universal Fit: Adjustable padding and straps allow for a universal fit on any tailgate.
  7. Multi-Bike Capacity: With the ability to hold up to five bikes, it's suitable for group or family outings.
  8. Lightweight: At just 10 lbs, it is portable and easy to handle.
  9. Warranty: Offers a 1-year limited warranty, adding an assurance of quality and reliability.


  1. Cost: With an anticipated price around $400, it may be considered expensive for some budgets.
  2. Availability: It will not be available until early 2024, which means there is a wait time before it can be purchased.
  3. Water Limitation: While 10 gallons may be sufficient for quick rinses, it might not be enough for extensive cleaning or multiple showers, especially in a group setting.
  4. Dependence on Vehicle: As it is designed to fit on a tailgate, it requires a compatible vehicle for use, which may not be practical for all potential users.
  5. Power Source Dependency: It relies on access to a vehicle's power outlets (trailer or cigarette plug), which might not always be convenient or available in remote locations.
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