Altangle A2 Tire Lever: The Efficient, Space-Saving Solution for Stubborn Tires

Efficient, Compact, Innovative, Rim-Safe, Dual-Purpose

Imagine stumbling upon a tool so cleverly designed that it makes you think, “Now, why didn't that lightbulb turn on in my head?” That's precisely the feeling I got when I first encountered the Altangle Cycling A2 Tire Lever. Ingeniously simple, this gadget transforms the mundane CO2 cartridge, which many of us already have tucked away in our repair kits, into a robust, effective tire lever.

The A2 Tire Lever is a marvel of efficiency. At a mere 11 grams and 1.7 inches in length, it's a testament to minimalist design. But don't let its small stature fool you; when attached to a CO2 cartridge, it extends to a total length of 4.5 inches, providing ample leverage to tackle even the most stubborn of tires. It's the kind of leverage that had me prying off resistant tires from my collection with a sense of ease that was almost too satisfying.

Crafted from low-friction nylon, the A2 is a friend to both carbon and aluminum rims, ensuring no unwanted scratches or dents during your tire wrangling. Its anodized aluminum insert is the cherry on top, guaranteeing a secure fit that won't budge when you're applying force but is still a breeze to swap out as needed. This is not just a tire lever; it's a little piece of engineering finesse that you'll be proud to flash at your next group ride.

And for those of us who are ever-vigilant about the weight of our carry-alongs, the A2's lightweight design means that our repair kits won't be weighed down in the slightest. It's the kind of tool that makes you want to buy a few extra just to gift them to your riding companions, if only to see their faces light up with that knowing “D'oh!” realization of sheer brilliance.

At $14, it's priced at a point that speaks to its value without making your wallet weep. It's a smart investment for the practical cyclist, a stocking stuffer that promises utility and that sweet rush of a clever find. Altangle didn't just think outside the box; they broke it down and turned it into something we actually need. And while the CO2 cartridge isn't included, the satisfaction of a well-executed tire change certainly is.


  1. Innovative Design: Transforms a standard CO2 cartridge into a tire lever, making for a dual-purpose tool.
  2. Compact and Lightweight: Each lever weighs only 11 grams and measures 1.7 inches, minimizing the weight and space taken up in a repair kit.
  3. Effective Leverage: When combined with a CO2 cartridge, it extends to 4.5 inches, providing sufficient leverage to remove even tough tires.
  4. Material Choice: Made from low-friction nylon, which is safe for both carbon and aluminum rims, preventing damage during use.
  5. Secure Connection: Features an anodized aluminum insert for a reliable fit that stays in place during tire removal but is also easily interchangeable.
  6. Gift Potential: Makes for an excellent and practical gift for fellow cyclists.


  1. CO2 Cartridge Not Included: Requires the cyclist to already have or purchase a CO2 cartridge separately.
  2. Price Point: At $14, it may be considered a bit pricey for a tire lever, especially since it is a small and simple tool.
  3. Specificity of Use: Designed for cyclists who use CO2 cartridges, which may not appeal to those who prefer traditional pumps or other inflation methods.
  4. Durability Concerns: The reliance on a CO2 cartridge's thread could raise concerns about wear and tear over time.


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