Rekkie Smart Snow Goggles with Heads-up display

Uses your smartphone's GPS and cellular network

Rekkie Smart Snow Goggles are a high-tech accessory designed for winter sports enthusiasts, which integrate augmented reality (AR) technology to enhance the skiing or snowboarding experience while providing important information and protection.

The goggles feature a built-in HUD that displays important information, such as speed, altitude, and distance traveled, in the user's field of vision. This allows users to keep track of their performance without having to take their eyes off the slopes.

It connects your smartphone via Bluetooth and uses the phone's GPS and cellular data connection allowing you to play audio, check notifications, and answer calls. With its built-in 915Mhz radio, the goggles allow you to connect to other Rekkie Smart Snow Goggles owners without cellular service.

When you need total focus, you can tone down the display into time-only mode with the touch of a button. The glove-friendly button on the side of the goggles works with head motion tracking for navigating the menu.

The Rekkie comes with dual lens anti-fog system with total UV protection and scratch resistance to ensure you always have clear view with maximum eye protection. It uses breathable foam cushioning for comfort and non-slip strap to ensure that it stays in place. Despite all the technology, the weight is quite minimal at 9oz (255g).

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