Power Plate REV vibrating exercise bike

More effective than traditional fitness bikes

Just rolling on a rough downhill road on a skateboard can be extremely fatiguing because whether you want it or not, you're using a lot of energy due to the vibrations even though all you're doing is balancing on skateboard. Now imagine how much more tiring it is to have a much more intense vibration while riding an exercise bike.

The Power Plate REV is an exercise bike equipped with VibeShift technology, which delivers vibrations through the pedals to maximize intensity. The vibrations are activated by pedalling and it has the effect of adding instability and resistance for increased muscle activation and cardiovascular effort. A level 1 resistance with vibration is said to be equivalent to a level 5 resistance without vibration according to a Power Plate study at the Centre for Sports Science and Human Performance at the University of Greenwich, UK called The Effects of Cycling with and without Mechanical Vibration on Oxygen Uptake and Heart Rate.

The bike has a commercial grade design and comes with adjustable seat, handlebar, resistance, and vibrations.

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