Red Paddle ATB Transformer: The Ultimate Bagless SUP Carry System

Leave the bulky paddleboard bag behind

The Red Paddle ATB Transformer Board Bag is an innovative product that offers a unique and convenient way to carry your inflatable SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard). This redesigned backpack has adjustable ergonomic support for the shoulders and back, making it extremely comfortable and customizable to your height. The bag features exterior compression straps that make it more compact, an interior paddle blade pocket, and a Velcro securing system for paddle pieces.

The ATB Transformer bag stands out because it can be turned into a “bagless carry system.” This means you can leave the heavy, bulky bag behind and take only the board, straps, and pump with you. This is ideal for adventurers who want to explore remote waterways without being weighed down by a cumbersome bag. The Transformer bag can be easily converted into a bagless system by removing the cinching side straps and buckles and disconnecting the backpack container from the strap system.

The Transformer bag is designed to offer the lightest possible carry weight for paddleboarders. While this bagless system is convenient, it does come with some limitations. It lacks pockets, so you'll need to contain fins, pump, and other accessories within the SUP when you roll it up for transport. Additionally, this system is not suitable for carrying extra gear, such as drinking water or other essentials, which will have to be carried separately.

In terms of weather conditions, the bagless system may not be the best choice for high sun exposure, as UV light can damage paddleboards over time. Similarly, in rainy conditions, you may prefer a carry bag with a waterproof interior and pockets to keep your gear dry. The ATB Transformer bag is designed for use with paddleboards up to 12 feet in length. For larger boards, check with Red Paddle Co. for recommendations.

The Red Paddle ATB Transformer Board Bag offers a lightweight and convenient solution for carrying your SUP and essential gear. This innovative product allows paddlers to move from one location to another without any unnecessary baggage.

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