Ecomobl Telum Pro Electric Mountain Skateboard

Powerful Mountain Board

The Ecomobl Telum PRO Electric Mountain Skateboard is an innovative all-wheel drive mountainboard equipped with lights and a swappable battery system. The board is designed for off-road adventures, offering riders exceptional power and the ability to tackle steep inclines. The foot straps provide stability, while the waterproof ESCs ensure the board can handle wet conditions.

With its carbon fiber drop deck, 8-inch solid rubber tires, and carbon fiber battery case, the Telum PRO is a powerhouse with four 3500W motors, reaching speeds up to 35 mph. The fast swappable battery pack allows for extended riding sessions, and the board comes equipped with headlights and taillights for night-time rides.

Ecomobl's innovative motor positioning design protects the motors while maximizing performance. The waterproof ESC enhances the board's reliability and provides smooth acceleration and braking control. The Telum PRO features solid aluminum CNC parts for durability, a 10C battery configuration for power and range, and a bright headlight for night-time riding.

With a range of 30-35 miles, a max speed of 30-35 mph, and the ability to tackle inclines of 47%-55% gradient, the Ecomobl Telum PRO Electric Skateboard Mountainboard is a top choice for off-road enthusiasts.

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