Quadro Sherp Pro 2018: Amphibious All-Terrain Mastery!

Rugged. Amphibious. Powerful. Versatile. Innovative

There's something intoxicating about the wild and the untamed; places that not many have ventured into and machines that let you dive headfirst into that abyss. Let me introduce you to a beast that seems to defy both land and water: the 2018 Quadro Sherp Pro.

Born from the ingenuity of Ukraine's Quadro International, the Sherp Pro is a rugged beast designed not just for the thrill-seekers but also for those in critical professions – think search and rescue operations, or even the fire service. It's an amphibious all-terrain vehicle, which essentially means it doesn't care if what lies ahead is a vast lake or a treacherous slope. With its massive 63-inch low-pressure tires, the Sherp Pro treads water with the grace of a seasoned mariner and climbs or descends 30-degree grades like it's just another day at the park.

Its sturdy black aluminum body, accentuated by multi-color camouflage graphics, stands approximately 99 inches tall and stretches to about 134 inches in length. A roll cage encases the vehicle, ensuring safety isn't compromised when you decide to tackle the untamed. To keep you informed while you challenge the unknown, an overhead console displays essential gauges like voltage, fuel level, and coolant temperature. And with only 41 operating hours on the hour meter, this vehicle is as fresh as morning dew.

Inside, it's all about function and comfort. The front compartment boasts bucket seats, proudly embroidered with the Sherp logo, contrasting beautifully with the camouflage-patterned walls. A reverse-view camera and USB power outlets prove that even the most rugged machines can embrace modern comforts. Behind the front seats, the rear compartment offers cargo benches, also draped in camouflage fabric, with room enough for equipment or a few brave souls to hitch a ride.

Under its hood (or, to be more precise, beneath those removable floor panels), the Sherp Pro houses a Kubota 1.5-liter turbodiesel inline-four engine, paired with a five-speed manual transmission. This engine powers all four wheels through a chain-drive system, ensuring there's no terrain this beast cannot conquer.

But, what truly sets the Sherp Pro apart, is its chain-drive skid-steer system, allowing it an enviable zero turn radius. Think about that – in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the wild, this vehicle can turn on a dime.

The Quadro Sherp Pro is not just a vehicle; it's an experience. It speaks to the adventurer in all of us, the part of our souls that yearns to break free from the mundane and dive into the unknown. Whether you're in a profession that requires traversing the harshest terrains or simply someone with a penchant for the extraordinary, the Sherp Pro promises a journey like no other. It's not just about reaching the destination; it's about the stories you'll have once you get there.


  1. Amphibious Capability: Can traverse both land and water with ease, expanding its operational range and versatility.
  2. Rugged Design: With its external roll cage and sturdy aluminum body, it's built to withstand harsh conditions and terrains.
  3. Impressive Tires: The 63-inch low-pressure tires not only provide buoyancy on water but also deliver exceptional off-road capabilities.
  4. Zero Turn Radius: The chain-drive skid-steer system ensures superior maneuverability, allowing the vehicle to turn in place.
  5. Safety Features: Includes features such as a roll cage, rooftop escape hatch, and LED lighting for enhanced safety.
  6. Modern Amenities: Despite its rugged nature, it's equipped with modern comforts like a reverse-view camera, USB power outlets, and essential gauges.
  7. Powerful Engine: The Kubota 1.5-liter turbodiesel inline-four engine ensures robust performance across varied terrains.


  1. Size and Bulk: Measuring 99 inches in height and 134 inches in length, its size might pose challenges in certain scenarios or environments.
  2. Fuel Efficiency: Given its powerful engine and heavy-duty design, it might not be the most fuel-efficient vehicle.
  3. Complexity: The specialized nature of the vehicle might make maintenance and repairs more challenging, especially in regions unfamiliar with its design.
  4. Interior Comfort: While functional, the interior could be described as “spare,” potentially lacking the comforts of more conventional vehicles.
  5. Limited Appeal: Its specialized design means it might not appeal to a broad audience and may be overkill for regular off-road enthusiasts.
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