Caracat Catamaran Series: Redefining Sea & Land Adventures

Luxury, Versatile, Innovative, Comfortable, Transformative

In a world where we're constantly redefining the limits of innovation, the Caracat Catamaran series emerges as a fascinating union of land and water exploration. Imagine a vehicle that seamlessly transitions between the tranquility of lakes, the vastness of the sea, and the adventures of land. The Caracat promises just that.

Let's take a dive into the features of this marvel.

The Caracat 66, with its 6.60 meters of pure luxury, marks the starting point of the series, followed by the Caracat 76 at 7.60 meters, and the Caracat 86 stretching to 8.60 meters. Each variant boasts a full-functional luxury GRP hull and superstructure, which translates to robustness coupled with elegance.

Being onboard feels like an embrace from a home that decided to take to the waters. It surrounds you with comforts that might even make your terrestrial abode pale in comparison. The interiors are decked out with everything from a cozy bedroom and a luxurious balcony to a fully equipped kitchen and high-tech navigating tools. But it's not just about luxury; it's also about flexibility. This vessel respects personal preferences, allowing owners to design interiors based on their unique lifestyles and needs.

Powering these vehicles are the options of a Torgeedo electric engine or a petrol engine with power up to 100hp. Couple this with Victron's advanced electric system, Tomatech solar panels, and other state-of-the-art equipment, and you've got a vessel that's both powerful and eco-conscious.

But the crown jewel, at least for me, is the freedom it offers. We live on a planet dominated by water, and the Caracat unlocks the entirety of this aqueous realm. Forget about specialized licenses. Your B1 driver's license is the golden ticket to both land and water adventures with this hybrid vehicle.

Security, of course, isn't an afterthought. With high-profile pontoons designed to ensure stability even in strong waves, there's an inherent promise of safety. Not to mention, the top-tier materials used for the main structure, be it lightweight carbon fiber or fiberglass composite, ensure durability.

Economics isn’t ignored either. In a world where yachting is often a distant dream reserved for the elite, Caracat makes the catamaran lifestyle accessible. Think of reduced maintenance costs, and the somewhat surreal ability to park your boat in your backyard.

Lastly, let's talk about the experience. With Caracat, the horizons blur. The sunbathing area on the upper deck, balconies on both sides, and the teak-covered deck promise an experience that's not just about getting from point A to B, but about the journey itself.

In essence, the Caracat is more than a vehicle; it’s a statement. It tells the world that you refuse to be bound by conventional boundaries, and you’re ready to explore every nook and cranny of this beautiful planet, be it on land or sea. It's not just about travel, but about redefining the very essence of adventure. Cheers to new horizons!


  1. Versatility: Can be used both on land and at sea, providing a unique dual-purpose mode of transportation.
  2. Luxury and Comfort: Furnished with top-tier amenities, from a bedroom and kitchen to state-of-the-art navigating tools, ensuring an opulent experience.
  3. Customizability: Interiors can be designed based on individual preferences, respecting personal lifestyle and needs.
  4. Power Options: Comes with both electric and petrol engine options, catering to varying preferences and environmental considerations.
  5. Licensing Ease: Only requires a B1 driver's license, removing the need for specialized marine licenses.
  6. Safety: High-profile pontoons ensure stability in strong waves, while the choice of durable materials for the main structure guarantees longevity and security.
  7. Economic Benefits: Offers potential savings in terms of maintenance, disposal, and marina costs. Additionally, makes the luxury of owning a catamaran more accessible to many.
  8. Eco-Conscious: The option of an electric engine and solar panels make it a more environmentally friendly choice.
  9. Space Optimization: With features like sunbathing areas and balconies, it maximizes the use of available space for enhanced enjoyment.


  1. Size Variations: While there are different lengths available, the size might still be restrictive for those looking for larger yachts or boats for bigger gatherings.
  2. Dependence on Technology: Being equipped with superior technology can be a double-edged sword. Malfunctions or breakdowns might require specialized knowledge or technicians.
  3. Cost: Even though it's more economic than traditional yachts, the initial investment can still be significant for many.
  4. Specialized Maintenance: Some of the advanced features, like the electrically activated parts or specific engines, might require specialized maintenance or repairs.
  5. Storage Considerations: While it can be parked on land, potential owners need to ensure they have the necessary space, especially if living in urban environments.
  6. Limited Off-road Capabilities: Its land functionalities might not be suited for all terrains, limiting its versatility in certain landscapes.
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