Pu.Labo Model Traveler Kit Unleashes Tesla’s Off-Road Prowess

Revolutionary Tesla off-road conversion kit

In the restless spirit of adventure, sometimes, it's the unlikely wanderers that find themselves traversing through the beaten paths less ventured. Today, our spotlight shines not on the commonplace off-roaders but on a specimen more frequently seen gliding through urban jungles – a Tesla. An electric car, inherently silent, elegant, but harboring an insatiable itch to veer off the tarmac and into the wild. And it seems like Pu.Labo, a Chinese automotive modification brand, figured out the key to unlocking this latent, wilder side of these silent creatures.

Imagine, your sleek Tesla, not gliding over smooth city streets, but instead, coursing through the rugged landscapes, dust billowing behind it, conquering terrains once deemed insurmountable for its kind. It's not a mere lift kit we're musing about here; it’s a carefully crafted, intense conversion package which transforms your Tesla Model Y or 3 into something more profound, an electric off-road beast capable of withstanding the demands of truly unbridled adventures.

A journey with the Model Traveler kit isn't about a mere height augmentation. It's an overhaul, a transformation into a robust creature that dances smoothly over rocky terrains, relishes in the caress of desert winds, and submerges willingly into the dense, muddy embrace of earthly trails.

Pu.Labo bids not just a few inches of lift, but a grandeur between 2.5 to 5 inches, accompanying a remarkable wheel travel of up to 8 inches. And within this commitment to elevate and empower your Tesla, resides a blend of over 30 parts, which doesn’t just alter but enhances. Aluminum upper control arms, spindle gussets, and high-strength steel lower control arms, along with chromoly steel tube-style subframes and a collection of other vital components—all unite to fortify the Tesla’s skeleton.

These aren’t alterations for the mere aesthetic. This extensive, comprehensive kit, priced with ambition at $15,000 (or a slightly gentler $12,000 for early adopters), renders your Tesla not only with the physical capacity but with the resilient strength it needs to embattle the hardcore off-roading trails.

A noteworthy mention must go to the innovative 2.5-inch diameter coil-over shocks, adjustable in height and compression damping, ensuring versatile adaptability across the various canvases our Earth paints beneath our tires. And such an ingenious creation doesn’t merely see the light of day from drawing boards and simulations; it's birthed through rigorous testing across kilometers of varied terrains, witnessing everything from the sinking softness of mud to the grit and grind of the desert, and even the exhilarating defiance of gravity in jump tests.

One can easily argue about the price point, particularly given the rather niche audience it intends to entice. Yet, for those yearning to fuse the silent, efficient ethos of electric with the raw, untamed spirit of off-roading, the Pu.Labo conversion kit is a call to the wild that's hard to ignore. The kit is more than a set of tools; it’s an invitation, a beckoning towards unseen trails, and electric, albeit muddy, adventures.

In this unison of technological advancement and a pulsating primal essence, one could imagine, not only the liberation of traversing boundless terrains but the stories, the experiences, the memories carved into every speck of dust and smear of mud upon the once-pristine, now adventurously tarnished, Tesla. In every silent roar through the wild, an echo of freedom, unbound by road nor rule, finds its voice in the harmonious collision of elegance and ruggedness.

So, off-road dreamers, who find solace in the quiet hum of an electric heart, perhaps it's time your Tesla whispers tales not just of smooth highways but of trails blazed through unwritten paths. And maybe, just maybe, Pu.Labo's kit is the gateway to these electrically charged adventures.


  1. Comprehensive Upgrade: The kit doesn’t merely elevate the vehicle; it offers a complete suspension system overhaul designed specifically for rugged terrains.
  2. Enhanced Off-Roading Capabilities: With a lift of 2.5 to 5 inches and a maximum wheel travel of 8 inches, it equips the Tesla for challenging off-road adventures.
  3. Robust Construction: Incorporates over 30 components, including those made of 4130 chromoly steel tubing, ensuring strength and durability.
  4. Versatility: The 2.5-inch diameter coil-over shocks come with adjustable height and compression damping, making them adaptable for different terrains.
  5. Rigorous Testing: The kit underwent extensive testing in challenging conditions, ensuring its reliability and performance in real-world scenarios.
  6. Energy Efficiency: Despite its robust build, the kit aims to minimize added weight, helping to maintain the vehicle’s energy efficiency.
  7. Unlocking Full Potential: For Tesla owners keen on adventure, the kit provides an avenue to utilize their vehicle's capabilities to the fullest.


  1. Pricey: At $15,000 (though an early bird price of $12,000 is available), the kit may be perceived as expensive by many.
  2. Niche Audience: Its appeal is geared more towards a specific group of Tesla owners with a keen interest in off-roading, potentially limiting its broader market appeal.
  3. Potential Warranty Issues: Modifying a vehicle can sometimes void or complicate the manufacturer's warranty, which might be a concern for some Tesla owners.
  4. Resale Value Impact: Such significant modifications might impact the resale value of the Tesla, as it may not be appealing to traditional buyers.
  5. Maintenance: Introducing an electric vehicle to rugged terrains might lead to increased wear and tear, potentially raising maintenance costs or concerns over the long run.

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