Old Bones Therapy Shock Absorbing Insoles: Defy Age, Embrace Adventure!

Shock absorption for skateboarders’ feet.

Navigating through the treacherous terrains of urban jungles atop a skateboard, there's an uncanny symphony between the concrete beneath and the soles of our worn-out sneakers. It's not merely a sport; it's an art, a subculture, and for many of us, a lifeline that keeps the rhythm of our heartbeat aligned with the hustle of wheels against pavement. Aging does not deter the spirit, but our bodily structures beg for a little more care, a little more attention.

Enter the Old Bones Therapy and their shock-absorbing foot insoles, extending not just a physical support but a metaphorical one to those of us still eager to dart through the alleyways of our concrete playfields. They're not just pieces of molded material. They're an underfoot safeguard, a subtle reminder that the ticking clock and the creaking joints shouldn’t impede our ceaseless chase towards adrenaline and adventure.

Crafted with a keen understanding of those of us who dwell on decks and wheels, these insoles whisper of a tailored love for the skateboarder’s foot. A deliberate, thoughtful design is realized through a cushioned PU memory foam, neither too slender nor overly plump, striking a precarious balance aimed at providing optimal impact protection. It's the essence of memory cushioning that not only acts as a buffer against the stubborn concrete but also lovingly cradles the joints, offering them a sanctuary amid the relentless pounding.

In this meticulously molded foam, there's a silent acknowledgment of the heel and arch, those foundational pillars that bear the burden of our bodily adventures. There’s a delicate cradle formed by a custom molded TPU arch support and heel cup, conspiring together to shield against heel bruises, and to absorb the shocks that once upon a time, our younger selves so flippantly ignored.

Pain, an unwelcome yet familiar companion of the skateboarder, is acknowledged with a gentle nod by the creators. For isn't it the pain that often tells the most authentic stories of our escapades? Yet, these insoles, with their attentive design, seek to alleviate that nagging pain, ensuring that our adventures are not hindered by the physical protests of our own bodies.

Adding to the tale is an antimicrobial top layer, a silent warrior fighting against the invisible foes of bacteria and odor. It’s an unsung hero, prolonging the life of the insole and, by extension, our beloved sneakers, ensuring our performances are not tarnished by microbial invaders.

All of this, brewed together, forms a concoction that isn’t merely a foot insole. It’s a $40 ticket to reliving those untamed days, to grasping onto the skateboard and letting it pull us through the realms of our younger, wilder selves. It's a testament, designed and tested by skateboarders, to the spirit that even in the rolling tides of years and the ever-creeping shadow of age, refuses to be tamed.

In the cradle of Old Bones Therapy’s insoles, our older, perhaps not-so-old bones find a familiar comfort, a whisper that though the times have changed, the spirit remains eternal. Here’s to many more rides through the sunlit streets, with our feet lovingly wrapped in a sanctuary that understands the soul of a skateboarder.


  1. Impact Protection: Crafted with cushioned PU memory foam, it promises to shield the joints and alleviate pain.
  2. Heel and Arch Support: The incorporation of a custom molded TPU arch support and heel cup provides structural stability and additional protection against heel bruises.
  3. Pain Relief: Specifically designed to address and mitigate common pains, such as foot pain, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis, prevalent among skateboarders and BMX riders.
  4. Antimicrobial Top Layer: Offers a shield against bacteria, aiding in odor control and extending the insole and footwear lifespan.
  5. Skateboarder-Tested: Developed and scrutinized by individuals who are part of the skateboarding community, ensuring genuine understanding and functionality in its design.


  1. Price: At $40, the cost may be a significant factor for some potential buyers, especially those on a tight budget or who engage in skateboarding as a casual endeavor.
  2. Thickness Balance: While aiming for a ‘just right' thickness, individual preferences and needs can vary, potentially making the insoles too thin or thick for certain users.
  3. One-Size Approach: Despite the universal design, every foot is different, and the insoles may not cater perfectly to all arch types and foot shapes.
  4. Durability: While the antimicrobial layer is a boon, the overall durability of the insoles under extensive, harsh usage conditions is not explicitly detailed.
  5. Limitations in Pain Relief: While aiming to alleviate pain, the efficacy of the insoles in providing relief may depend on the degree and nature of individual conditions.


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