Precision Knife Works Wharnetac: A Triumph in Ergonomics and Cutting-Edge Precision

High-performance, ergonomic, durable, precision knife

Just imagine it, a day in the life of Daniel Hozen, an honest worker navigating a labyrinth of electronic components, busily inspecting inbound orders in the humming warehouse that he calls his nine-to-five. It’s a landscape of cardboard and cellophane, where your best ally can be a trusty tool sharp enough to make light work of those endless boxes and random packages. In such a setting, Hozen dreamt up his answer – a full-sized wharnecliffe folder – and thus, the Wharnetac was born.

The Wharnetac is not just a tool; it's an ally. It promises to deliver great ergonomics and superior cutting performance, embodying reliability that matches the perseverance of a dedicated worker putting in their all, day in, day out. It's a testament to the community that nurtured its conception, a blueprint refined through several iterations, feedback, and a deep understanding of the need at hand.

The knife carries an unimposing weight of just 3.6 ounces, light enough for long hours without compromising its utility. A blade length of 3.5 inches and a cutting edge of 3.3 inches equate to precise, effortless cuts. It utilizes CPM20cv blade steel, a high-grade material known for its excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. An overall length of 8 inches and a handle length of 4.5 inches ensure that this is a knife that fits comfortably in your grip and doesn't make its presence a nuisance in your pocket.

The Wharnetac gets its unique character from the small details. The T8 hardware throughout, handle scales, and all other hardware are made of robust titanium. The pivot bushing is crafted from stainless steel for durability, while the detent ball and bearings are composed of ceramic, housed in phosphor bronze caged bearings, a delicate mix of materials that promise a smooth blade deployment.

The price point of $285 might make some pause, but remember, this is a tool built to last, with each purchase insured to the total value of the knife. A thoughtful touch for those unexpected lost package woes.

Let's not forget the finishing touches – the satin finish on the hollow ground portion of the blade, a micro milling pattern on the handles, and a serialized coa card for authenticity. The knife arrives in a nylon pouch emblazoned with the creator's logo, a humble reminder of the individual touch involved in each knife's creation.

The Wharnetac is not just another knife; it's a reflection of its creator's experiences and a testament to the needs and inputs of a community. It's the product of a journey that started in a warehouse and ended up with a cutting-edge piece of precision equipment.

So, who is the Wharnetac for? It's for those who crave efficiency in their day-to-day tasks, those who appreciate the marriage of functionality and ergonomics, and those who understand that the right tool can turn a tedious task into an effortless routine. It's for the workers, the creators, the adventurers, and the ones who believe that a knife can be more than just a blade and a handle – it can be a statement, a trusted partner, and a symbol of dedication and perseverance.


  1. High-Performance Blade Steel: The use of CPM20cv blade steel at a hardness of 59-61 HRC guarantees superior edge retention, wear resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance.
  2. Ergonomic Design: The knife's design focuses on great ergonomics, ensuring a comfortable grip and ease of use during prolonged tasks.
  3. Lightweight Construction: Weighing in at just 3.6 oz, it promises to be unobtrusive and light in your pocket or hand.
  4. Durability: All hardware, including the handle scales, are made of robust titanium. The pivot bushing is stainless steel. These materials promise a high level of durability.
  5. Smooth Operation: The ceramic detent ball and bearings, caged in phosphor bronze, allow for a smooth blade deployment and operation.
  6. Value-added Extras: Each knife comes with a belt satin finish on the blade, a micro milling pattern on the handles, a nylon pouch with a logo, a Certificate of Authenticity card, and stickers. These extras contribute to the overall user experience and perception of quality.


  1. Price Point: Priced at $285, this knife may not fit within everyone's budget. While the price is justified by the knife's quality and features, it might deter some potential customers.
  2. Size: With an overall length of 8 inches, it might be a bit large for those who prefer a more compact everyday carry tool.
  3. Limited Customization: The knife does not seem to offer options for customization, which might be a drawback for those wanting to personalize their tools.
  4. Maintenance Requirements: Given the use of high-grade materials and intricate design elements, maintaining the knife in top condition might require a little more effort compared to more basic models.


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