Cowboy Cruiser: Mastering Comfort with the Dutch-Style Electric Revolution

Comfortable, Technologically-Advanced, Durable E-bike

Venturing into the soul of the world, I’ve discovered a fascination for the diverse forms of locomotion. The harmony between a journey and its chosen vehicle can transform an ordinary commute into a mindful encounter with the rhythm of life. Today, I step into the realm of two-wheeled conveyances, acquainting myself with the newest offering from Cowboy – the Cowboy Cruiser, a seemingly transformative travel partner.

Visually, the Cruiser is reminiscent of a Dutch-style cycle, but with the addition of e-bike perks. The beauty of its design lies in the deliberate attention to detail and emphasis on comfort. Offering a more relaxed, upright riding posture, this variant breaks away from the aggressive, forward-leaning stance of its sibling, the Cowboy Classic, formerly known as the C4.

The Cruiser, weighing in at a sturdy 19.3 kg, harbors some serious technological wizardry. Its wider saddle stands as a testament to Cowboy's response to feedback, complementing the thoughtful additions of comfort grips and a distinctive raised and curved handlebar. This machine gently cradles your hands in a natural position, effectively enhancing the ride experience.

Now, for those of you who, like me, embrace a journey's fluid spontaneity, the Cruiser hosts a wireless charging phone mount and an integrated Google Maps feature within the companion app. A seamless blend of modern tech with traditional aesthetics. The added convenience of a removable battery, carbon belt, mudguards, and “puncture-resistant” 47mm tires build an assured trust in the Cruiser’s reliability.

The Cruiser's offering extends further with its increased gear ratio. The experience of this, however, can be rather subtle, and perhaps only truly discernible over longer rides or more varied terrains. Nevertheless, its single-speed, belt-drive, 250W rear-hub motor underscores the Cruiser's promise of a smooth ride.

As the sun sets, coloring the world in hues of dusk, the Cowboy Cruiser seems like a capable companion for both the everyday commuter seeking comfort and the adventurous spirits looking for a sporty yet practical steed. Available in understated black and a sandy off-white at an “introductory price” of €2,990, it's an invitation to embrace the journey, whether you're weaving through the cobbled streets of Amsterdam or setting off towards the distant horizon.


  1. Comfortable Design: The Cruiser boasts a more upright riding position, mimicking the relaxed Dutch-style, making it a comfortable choice for daily commutes.
  2. Attention to Detail: The Cowboy Cruiser features a wider saddle and raised, curved handlebars, facilitating a natural hand position, and thus enhancing the ride experience.
  3. Technological Integration: The Cruiser comes equipped with a wireless charging phone mount and integrates with Google Maps through its companion app, providing seamless navigation.
  4. Removable Battery: The removable battery is a convenient feature, allowing for easy charging and maintenance.
  5. Robust Construction: It features a carbon belt, mudguards, and “puncture-resistant” 47mm tires, contributing to the durability and longevity of the bike.


  1. Weight: Weighing 19.3 kg, the Cruiser is on the heavier side, which might make manual handling and transportation more challenging when not riding.
  2. Subtle Gear Ratio Increase: The increased gear ratio, though a plus on paper, may not be noticeable in actual riding experience, especially on short rides or flat terrains.
  3. Price Point: With an “introductory price” of €2,990, the Cowboy Cruiser falls into the higher end of the e-bike market, which may not be affordable for everyone.
  4. Limited Riding Position: Despite being more comfortable, the upright riding position might not cater to those who prefer a sporty or aggressive stance.
  5. Color Options: The Cruiser is available in just two colors – black and “sand” (off-white). The limited color options may not cater to all aesthetic preferences.


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