Pivot Bed transform into a gym

Murphy beds used to be popular in the 1990's when a  lot of people lived in small apartments. A Murphy bed is a type of bed that is stored vertically against a wall, sometimes in a closet or a cabinet. Some turn into a sofa or a desk when in the upright position. 

The Pivot bed is the first Murphy bed we know of that converts into a gym. Made in the UK with prime, power-coated steel, they claim it's strong enough to be used with its different modules including a pull-up bar, dip bar, fold-out power rack and more. 

Since the bed is made of premium steel, there is very little flex in the bed frame.  It allows your mattress to work as it is supposed without interference from a sagging bed frame. 

The dip bars as well as the pull-up bars have a maximum rated user weight of 130 kgs. The power rack will be rated at 500 kg or more. Tested to the internationally-recognised British Standard for safety, the BS EN ISO 20957-2013.


  • Multi-functional
  • Saves space
  • Cheaper than some normal Murphy beds
  • Non-destructive


  • Dip bar weight rating is only 130kg
  • Company not likely to stick around


The Pivot bed is quite cheap compared to other Murphy beds which typically cost in the $3,000 – $5,000. It also doubles as a gym.

However the dip bar weight rating is at the low end despite their claim of superior construction and premium materials. Usually dip bars have a weight rating between 300-500 pounds.

Also, we had some interaction with the PIVOT team and find them to be quite rude. They didn't like that an earlier version of this post was outdated. There was very little difference between this and the old version.

We simply removed their Kickstarter price ($900). Their current price is $1,900+.

Companies like this usually disappear after a few years. We've seen a few like them come and go.

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