Wuanap Inflatable Smart Collar prevents drowning

Automatic or manual activation

The Wuanap is a smart collar designed to prevent drowning under any circumstances. It can be used for swimming or even diving because it does not activate by simply being submerged. 

The collar inflates when it detects the user is in danger. For example when the user is unconscious, panicked, or screaming.

A computer built into the collar determines whether the user is in danger based on an algorithm using real-world data collected over the course of its development. 

When Wuanap detects danger, it sounds an alarm for 5 seconds. If the user does not respond the alarm within that time frame, it inflates lifting the user's head above water. You can also inflate the device manually by pressing on the 'inflate button'. 

Full inflation takes less than second.


  • Doesn't get in the way
  • Does not look like an inflatable when not activated
  • Automatic or manual activation
  • Gives a 5 second warning before inflation with chance to cancel activation
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Currently not an in-stock product  (Indiegogo project)
  • Estimated shipping August 2022


When you're doing water sports, it's always a good idea to be wearing a safety device. While people usually don a lifejacket when on a jetski, doing so when swimming or surfing would be a hindrance. Wuanap seem like a good device to use when lifejackets are impractical. They comfortable to wear and don't stand out too much. 

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