Pelican G5 Wallet: Waterproof and Crushproof Hero for Your Everyday Carry

Durable, Secure, Organized, Tech-savvy, Wallet

Traveling the world, one needs a companion that's tough, dependable, and always by your side — much like this small, unassuming personal utility field wallet. Its might belies its size; crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, it's got the stuff that fighter jets are made of. That's not hyperbole, just the reality of this uncompromisingly rugged accessory.

The Pelican G5 is not just a wallet; it's a fortress. Its shell is crushproof, a knight's armor in the unrelenting world of brute force, and waterproof to boot. Dropped it in a river while white-water rafting? No worries, it can take a dunk. Let it slip from your pocket while hiking through a monsoon? This stalwart companion would laugh in the face of a storm. With an IP67 rating, it can withstand a full meter of water submersion for half an hour. And yet, you don't need to shell out an arm and a leg for it. At a modest $46.95, it's worth every cent.

Now, the interior — the heart of this metallic fortress. It's thoughtfully organized, securing your cards, cash, and keys in a tidy order that's as efficient as it is elegant. The elastomeric strap and mesh organizer make sure your belongings aren't just tossed around willy-nilly, while the rear exterior strap provides easy access to those items you need on the fly. It's a wallet that knows the value of time and the essence of accessibility.

But there's something even more intriguing about this tough little trooper. Its solid aluminum shell is not only physical armor but also a digital one. It's a guard, a shield against the insidious tricks of electronic theft. With RFID-blocking capabilities, it keeps your personal information just that — personal and secure from digital predators.

Let's not forget the hinge pins — they are stainless steel, like the backbone of this fortress, silent, enduring, and dependable. And all of this comes with a lifetime guarantee, a testament to the faith placed in the wallet's craftsmanship and durability.

So whether you're an adrenaline junkie, a passionate trekker, or a digital nomad, this wallet offers a solution that's as rugged and adventurous as you are. To me, it's more than an everyday carry item — it's a lifetime partner for the spirited, ever-on-the-go souls.


  1. Built to Last: Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, the wallet is designed to be rugged and durable, withstand a lot of wear and tear. The stainless steel hinge pins add to its durability.
  2. RFID Blocking: The wallet has a built-in RFID-blocking feature, which can protect your cards from electronic theft.
  3. Waterproof and Crushproof: With an IP67 rating, it's waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes and can resist crushing forces. Great for outdoor enthusiasts or those who often find themselves in demanding environments.
  4. Organizational Features: The interior elastomeric strap and mesh organizer provide efficient organization for cards, cash, and keys. The exterior quick-access strap is an added bonus.
  5. Lifetime Guarantee: This wallet comes with a lifetime guarantee, showcasing the manufacturer's confidence in its product.
  6. Affordable: Priced at $46.95, it is affordable considering the features and quality offered.


  1. Size and Weight: Being made of aluminum and steel, it may be heavier and bulkier compared to conventional wallets. This may be inconvenient for some users.
  2. Comfort: The wallet's hard structure may not be as comfortable to carry in pockets as softer, leather wallets.
  3. Limited Storage: Although it has some organizational features, it might not be able to store as many items as larger, more traditional wallets.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: Its industrial look might not appeal to everyone, especially those who prefer a classic leather wallet's look.
  5. RFID Blocking Limitations: While the RFID-blocking feature is a great security measure, it can sometimes cause inconvenience by blocking access cards or other RFID-enabled items that you might want to use quickly.


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