Kelty Glendale 85: Conquer Heavy Loads with Advanced Perimeter Frame

Comfortable, Versatile Adventure

Well, my friends, have I got a find for you! It's a beautiful creation from our intrepid pioneers in the Golden State: the Kelty Glendale 85. Picture this: you're high up in the Sierra Nevada, dust swirling around your boots and the open sky as your ceiling. Now, imagine that on your back is a bag tailored just for you, every curve and notch fitting as though it were crafted from your own silhouette.

With the new Fit-Plus system—this pack's piéce de résistance—you're looking at comfort that redefines your standard hiking experience. Torso, waist, hips, you name it, it adjusts to it. Fit-Plus is the modern equalizer on any trail, letting every nomad, regardless of their shape or size, enjoy the journey without the burden of ill-fitting gear.

And let's not forget about the Glendale's advanced perimeter frame and aluminium anti-barreling stay in the scapula. Just a fancy way of saying this pack handles weight like a heavyweight champion. Strap on a load that would buckle lesser packs, and you'll find this beast standing tall, its load management stabilizing even the heaviest cargo.

No longer will you fumble about for your precious cargo. The dual stretch pockets on the shoulder harness are perfect for on-the-go access to essentials. And the hip belt isn't just for show—it's got two zippered pockets, so you can keep your goods organized and within reach at all times.

The Glendale's large J-zip on the left side is as clever as it is useful. It's like a secret door into your pack's main compartment. You've also got a big pocket on the right—ideal for tent poles or perhaps a collapsible fishing rod for those serendipitous lakeside moments. The front stretch Shove-It pocket—what a name, right?—is just the place for quick stash when shedding a layer.

The crafty water bottle pockets—dual-access, no less—are your trusty companions while on the move. Stay hydrated, my friends; these pockets make it easy. And let's not forget the sleeping bag compartment, hydration bladder compatibility, and load lifters—this pack is a veritable Swiss army knife of comfort and convenience.

Made from sturdy 300D Velocity and reinforced with 600D Polyester Oxford, the Glendale doesn't just look tough—it is tough. Capable of hauling between 20 to 35 kilograms, and with a generous volume of 85L, it's prepared for the long haul.

Remember, my intrepid adventurers, the journey is not solely about the destination, but also how comfortably and stylishly you get there. The Kelty Glendale 85 promises to be your faithful companion, carrying your world on its shoulders while you explore ours. With a pack like this, the call of the wild is that much harder to resist. Safe travels.


  1. Fit-Plus System: This adjustable torso and waist belt system is a standout feature, promising a fit that's personalized to your body type, thereby enhancing comfort during longer treks.
  2. Stability and Load Management: The advanced perimeter frame, along with an aluminum anti-barreling stay in the scapula, provides excellent stability and load distribution, making heavy loads easier to carry.
  3. Accessible Storage: Dual stretch pockets on the shoulder harness, hip-belt pockets, and dual-access water bottle pockets offer easy access to personal items while on the go.
  4. Spacious Design: With a generous 85L capacity, this pack can carry everything you need for a long adventure, including specialized compartments for sleeping bags and tent poles.
  5. Tough and Durable Material: Crafted from robust 300D Velocity and reinforced with 600D Polyester Oxford, this pack is built to withstand rugged use in the great outdoors.


  1. Price: At $259.95, the Kelty Glendale 85 is not the cheapest option on the market. Its high-quality features may justify the price for serious adventurers, but casual hikers might hesitate.
  2. Weight: The pack itself weighs in at a little over 5 lbs (2.41 kg), which might add noticeable weight to your load, particularly on longer treks.
  3. Limited Optimal Carry Weight: While it's capable of carrying heavy loads, the optimal carry weight is listed as 45-75 lbs (20-35 kg). Loading it beyond this may compromise comfort and durability.
  4. Fit-Plus Adjustments: Although this feature offers a custom fit, it might require some trial and error to get it just right. This could be frustrating for some users.
  5. Size Constraints: The pack's torso and waist belt sizes might not accommodate extremely petite or very large individuals, potentially limiting its universal appeal.


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