JayFlex CrossGrips – Portable Pull-up Bar

Crossgrips on door frame

Portable, Versatile Home Gym Solution

The open road can be a harsh and unpredictable taskmaster, often demanding the relinquishment of comforts and routines. However, one thing that doesn't need to be sacrificed is the pursuit of physical well-being. The CrossGrips by Jayflex are like a trusted sidekick, offering a gym-like experience packed into a pocket-sized cube. It's like carrying a potential sweat-drenched workout in your backpack or briefcase – that's portability you can hang your hat on.

The soul of these CrossGrips lies in their intelligent design. They possess a certain rugged charm, like an old leather suitcase that's seen a hundred airports but still keeps your clothes crisp. Manufactured with a high-strength polymer, these grips are sturdy, resilient, and unyielding to pressures up to 300 lbs. Furthermore, the foam inside the clamps gently, yet firmly, marries with your doorframe, respecting its integrity while providing a secure base for your fitness endeavors.

Traditional door gyms, they've had their run. They've graced our doorways, often incongruously, sometimes causing damage, and usually offering less than stellar adaptability. The CrossGrips tackle these issues with an audacity that is as refreshing as it is practical. The design ensures it fits almost any doorframe, turns ugly into elegant, and packs away into a compact, unassuming 3-inch x 7-inch cube. Portable and pretty, I would say.

The grips are also resistant to the slippery betrayals of a sweaty workout, thanks to their powder-coated handles. They lock securely into place and can be set up in fewer than 15 seconds, allowing you to hit the ground running, or pulling, as the case may be.

The versatility of the CrossGrips makes them the ultimate exercise utility tool, allowing a multitude of exercises to keep that upper body strength in check. And trust me, maintaining physical strength is just as important as preserving your mental grit when on the move.

The CrossGrips are more than a piece of workout equipment; they are a reflection of the flexibility and adaptability we need in life. They are a testament to the idea that limitations are often self-imposed, and that we should always be ready to grasp new opportunities. Just make sure your door measurements are compatible before you commit.

So, my friends, say goodbye to gym membership fees, to queuing for a turn at the pull-up bar, to stale gym air. Grab a pair of CrossGrips, attach them to your door, and let your fitness journey be as mobile and adventurous as your spirit.

Crossgrips multi-gym folded and ready for travel
Folded Out CrossGrips
CrossGrips by jayflex closeup


  1. Portability: Being able to fold into a 3-inch x 7-inch cube, these grips truly epitomize “carry anywhere, fit anywhere.”
  2. Sturdy Design: With a high-strength polymer capable of supporting up to 300 lbs, they're built to handle a robust workout.
  3. Doorframe Protection: The foam inside the clamps is designed to adapt to and protect the doorframe, mitigating any potential damage.
  4. Quick Setup: Time is a precious commodity. Being able to attach these grips in fewer than 15 seconds is a major advantage.
  5. Versatility: You can perform a wide array of upper-body exercises with these grips, adding a versatile element to your fitness regimen.
  6. Non-slip Handles: The powder-coated handles are designed to prevent slipping, even when drenched in workout-induced sweat.


  1. Price: At $119, some might find the CrossGrips to be on the pricey side, especially when compared to other portable workout equipment. However, the unique features and robust construction may justify the cost for many.
  2. Weight Limit: While a 300 lbs weight capacity is quite respectable, it might pose a limitation for heavier individuals or those who wish to use additional weights while exercising.
  3. Door Compatibility: Although they're designed to fit almost any doorframe, there might still be doors that aren't compatible. Checking your door measurements before purchasing is crucial.
  4. Lower Body Exercise Limitation: While they allow for a variety of upper-body exercises, their functionality for lower body workouts seems to be limited.
  5. Comfort: The durability and grip are fantastic, but some users might find the barebone, hard plastic design less comfortable than padded alternatives.

In summary, the CrossGrips by Jayflex offer a unique and innovative solution for maintaining a fitness routine on the go. However, potential buyers should consider their personal needs, doorway specifications, and budget before making a purchase.

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