Nymble T2 by EMP EDC: Where Craftsmanship Meets Utility

Compact, Durable, Stylish, Versatile, Fidget-Friendly

You know, there's something intensely personal about what a person chooses to carry in their pocket every day. It's a small, tangible fingerprint of their personality, needs, and daily routine. The gear in your pocket can tell you a lot about a person, what they value, and what they’re prepared for. And the Nymble T2? Well, it's not just another tool; it's a statement piece, an extension of your own practical aesthetic.

Created by John Rusk, an aficionado of the everyday carry world, this pocket blade has undergone a thoughtful metamorphosis from its first iteration. The T2 boasts an ELMAX steel blade, a marvel in durability and edge retention. At 3.1 inches, it’s compact yet meaningful, not just a knife but a reliable companion that'll stick with you through thick and thin.

When it comes to craftsmanship, the Nymble T2 is a poem written in metal and design. Its scales are textured, carefully milled with honeycomb or speedholes, giving you that tactile connection as if whispering to you, “I'm here. Let’s get things done.” The grip and touch of it, nestled into your palm, have an unspoken bond between man and tool.

And oh, the fidget factor. We all need a bit of tactile diversion, don't we? That momentary drift away from the rush of life as your thumb glides effortlessly, triggering the smooth action, and there it is, locked in place with a frame lock. It's a touch addictive; the ceramic bearings on hardened steel washers assure you'll be flicking this open and shut during those idle moments waiting for your coffee to brew or while contemplating your next move.

In terms of blade finishes, take your pick: satin, stonewashed, or DLC. Each has its own visual narrative, and I bet any would pair nicely with the smoky aura of a single malt or the subtle glow of a dim-lit bar. The hardware is all T8 titanium, anodized or DLC finished, adding that discreet pop of character to an already standout piece.

The Nymble T2 is a two-person labor of love, a harmonious marriage of organization and creative flair, courtesy of John and his better half, Jamie. When you carry it, you’re carrying a piece of their devotion to creating something more than a simple utility. It’s a testament to the joy of well-designed objects, with that “something special” about it.

So, what's in your pocket? If it's the Nymble T2, you're carrying a compact but articulate testament to your taste, utility, and flair for the modern, all while honoring the enduring essence of everyday carry tools. This isn’t just any knife; it’s an ode to the everyday, where the mundane is often ripe with meaning. What stories will your Nymble T2 tell?


  1. High-Quality Blade Material: The use of ELMAX steel means the blade has excellent edge retention and durability, offering long-lasting performance.
  2. Design Craftsmanship: The beautifully milled and textured scales not only enhance grip but also add an aesthetic appeal, making the Nymble T2 a visual delight.
  3. Compact Size: With a blade length of 3.1 inches and a handle length of 4.0 inches, it's a conveniently compact EDC knife suitable for various tasks without being too cumbersome.
  4. Variety in Finishes: The Nymble T2 offers a range of finishes for both blade and handle, allowing users to personalize the look according to their preference.
  5. Fidget Factor: The smooth action and ceramic bearings add a fidget-friendly element, making it enjoyable to handle during idle moments.
  6. Robust Locking Mechanism: The frame lock ensures that the blade stays securely in place during use, enhancing safety.
  7. Quality Hardware: All T8 titanium hardware promises durability and adds a touch of elegance to the tool.
  8. Family-Run Business: The product is created by a dedicated two-person team, guaranteeing a focus on quality and detail that larger manufacturers might overlook.


  1. Price Point: At $299, the Nymble T2 is a significant investment, which might not be feasible for everyone looking for an EDC knife.
  2. Specific Target Audience: The design and features cater to enthusiasts and collectors, possibly making it less appealing for those looking for a basic utility knife.
  3. Handle Thickness: With a handle thickness of up to .61 inches at the clip, some might find the knife a bit bulky for their pockets.
  4. Complex Grind: The compound grind hollow/flat might not be to everyone’s liking, especially those who prefer a simpler blade geometry for general tasks.
  5. Not Ideal for Heavy-Duty Tasks: Given its compact design, it may not be the best option for more robust or heavy-duty applications.

There you have it: the Nymble T2 is an expertly crafted, aesthetically pleasing tool designed for the everyday carry enthusiast who values both form and function. However, its price and specialized features might make it less suitable for the casual user.


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