adidas Agravic Speed Ultra: The Trail Runner’s Dream Shoe for Ultra Distances

Elite, Fast, Durable, Innovative, Customized

If life is about the journey and not the destination, then this is the shoe to fuel that journey. Picture this: you're in Chamonix, France—the mecca of trail running—getting ready to tackle the world's most challenging and scenic terrains. You need gear that's up to the task, something that embodies speed and endurance. Enter the adidas Agravic Speed Ultra, a shoe that's been meticulously crafted over two years alongside some of the sport’s leading athletes, like Tom Evans and Abby Hall. This shoe isn't just a piece of footwear; it's like a Formula 1 car for your feet.

So, what makes this shoe a game-changer? Well, it’s got this nifty thing called a dynamic rocker geometry, tailor-made for dynamic forefoot running. It’s the brainchild of countless hours of testing and feedback from top-level athletes, all in pursuit of the elusive balance between speed and stamina. It’s designed to help you break your boundaries, set new personal records, and still have enough left in the tank to actually enjoy that summit view in ultra-distance races.

The shoe’s midsole technology is another point of fascination. It employs something known as LIGHTSTRIKE PRO. Imagine a kind of cushioning that not only absorbs impact but gives back energy, propelling you forward in a burst of next-level speed. It’s like every step you take is turbo-charged. Add to that the integrated Energy Rods for lightweight stiffness, and you've got a shoe that works with your stride, not against it.

When it comes to fit, the Agravic Speed Ultra doesn't play around. A gusseted tongue wraps your mid-foot like a warm embrace, and let’s not even get started on the seamless overlays—these provide an extra layer of protection against whatever the trail throws at you. Oh, and for those who ever had the misfortune of slipping on a wet rock, the Continental Rubber outsole is your new best friend. It offers dependable traction in both wet and dry conditions.

If aesthetics are your thing, this shoe comes in colorways that are nothing short of electrifying—impact orange, crystal white and semi spark for men, and amber tint, crystal white and semi spark for women. It’s like wearing a sunrise on your feet.

The price tag, you ask? It's €230, and it will be available starting Spring 2024. Sure, it's a pretty penny, but you're not just buying a shoe; you're investing in an experience, an extension of your athletic ambition. And hey, if it's good enough for the elite runners conquering the trails of Chamonix, it's certainly worthy of anyone who aspires to reach their own summits, whatever they may be. So, lace up, head out, and find out just how far you can push your limits.


  1. Dynamic Rocker Geometry: Engineered specifically for dynamic forefoot running, this innovation helps to optimize speed and performance over long distances.
  2. Athlete-Tested and Approved: Developed in collaboration with top trail runners, ensuring that the shoe meets the highest standards of performance.
  3. LIGHTSTRIKE PRO Midsole: Offers a unique blend of cushioning and energy return, making every step feel lighter and faster.
  4. Integrated Energy Rods: These provide additional stiffness, perfectly complementing your stride and making it more efficient over ultra distances.
  5. Gusseted Tongue and Seamless Overlays: Provide a snug fit and offer excellent protection against abrasions, a must for rugged terrains.
  6. Continental™ Rubber Outsole: Gives reliable traction in both wet and dry conditions, a feature that could be a lifesaver on more tricky terrains.
  7. Elite Athlete Validation: The shoe has already been worn by podium finishers and record holders, adding an extra layer of credibility to its performance capabilities.
  8. Vibrant Color Options: The range of colorways adds a dash of aesthetics to functionality, ensuring you look good while breaking those personal bests.


  1. Price Point: At €230, this is a high-end product that may not be accessible to all trail runners.
  2. Availability: Slated to be released in Spring 2024, which means interested buyers will have to wait to get their hands on a pair.
  3. Niche Focus: The shoe is engineered for a specific kind of running—dynamic forefoot running—which might not suit everyone's running style.
  4. Complex Technology: With so many integrated technologies, there might be a learning curve for some users to fully capitalize on all the shoe’s features.
  5. Unknown Longevity: As a new release, the long-term durability of the shoe is yet to be proven, making it a bit of a gamble for the investment.

In summary, the adidas Agravic Speed Ultra seems like an elite-level trail running shoe packed with innovative features designed to enhance speed and performance. However, its high price point and specific focus make it a choice for the dedicated and the serious.


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