Nexersys N3 Elite – Home Boxing Trainer

Get your cardio by fighting

Improve your boxing skills, get fit, and have fun with the Nexersys N3 Elite – an interactive boxing machine that's a bit like having someone hold mitts for you whenever you want.

The N3 elite consists mainly of 3 pads, 2 for head strikes and 1 for body shots with 3 strike zones for a realistic striking experience, and a large 18.5″ tablet for the avatar virtual trainer/sparring partner.

You can create your own profile and select between round types, training durations, and skill levels. The N3 will evaluate your accuracy, number of strikes, and power in real-time.

Using the Nexersys N3 Elite is much like playing a game. It can be very motivating to use and has enough variety of workouts with increasing difficulty as you progress in skill and fitness.

It comes complete with challenging video cardio, technique, and core training rounds.

No subscription fees

Unlike FightCamp Gym, which charges you $39/month for a trainer, Nexersys does not charge a subscription fee for its training and gaming content. You also get free updates whenever they become available.

You can even create unlimited unique profiles.


  • Fun
  • No subscription fees
  • Great cardio workout
  • Can improve striking skills


  • Expensive
  • The stand and huge tablet moves as you punch
  • Doesn't seem like it can take a huge punch


The Nexersys N3 Elite cost about $2,295. With that money you can buy a lot of equipment that can help improve your striking skills. However, they're not as fun to use and not as motivating as the N3. If money is not a problem, this one is probably for you.

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