Boosted 105s Wheels Speed up your Boosted Board

New boosted wheels

Make your boosted board faster

Boosted boards are not the fastest electric skateboards around. But you can make them go faster just by changing out the stock wheels to the new Boosted 105s.

Boosted 105s are 30% bigger than stock Boosted wheels with a 105 mm diameter and 65 mm width. ​

Using 105s on your Boosted board increases its top speed by 2 mph. A Boosted Stealth will have a top speed of 26 mph and a Boosted Plus will go up to 24 mph. The 105s might be too big for the Boosted Mini unless you make adjustments to the trucks to avoid wheel bite.

The downside of using bigger wheels is that it changes the feel of riding the board and you lose torque, acceleration, braking power, range, and maximum hill climbing ability by up to 5%. You might also have to change the belt a lot more often.

This guy using 120 mm wheels on a Boosted board:

Makes your boosted board smoother

Boosted 105s are made of soft urethane (72a durometer), which are soft enough to handle road imperfections and firm enough to provide all the grip you need.

Bigger wheels make going over rough surfaces easier compared to using smaller wheels where even small pebbles could be a problem.

However, the Boosted 105s is not your average longboard wheel. On the inside surface of each wheel are twelve evenly spaced holes called hollow pockets, which are made via a special urethane pouring process called Hollow Pour Technology.

These pockets give space for the urethane to flex and compress, which gives you extra shock absorption for a smoother ride.


  • Improves top speed
  • Better shock absorption for smoother ride
  • Stone-ground surface for consistent performance


  • Expensive
  • Reduces torque
  • Reduces acceleration
  • Reduces maximum hill climb by 5%
  • Reduces range
  • Limited compatibility for Boosted Mini


For a speed increase of 2 mph and a smoother ride, you lose torque, acceleration, range, braking effectiveness, and you wear out the belt drive faster.

Some people like having bigger wheels on their Boosted board. Others prefer the feel of the original build.

If you use the Boosted board of horrible roads with gravel, pot holes and the like you might want to consider the 105s.

You can buy Boosted 105s right now fo $169.

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