Nexersys – Fitness, Gaming, and Kickboxing

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Whether you're a UFC fighter like Johnny Hendricks and Chael Sonnen or a hip-hop producer like RZA, the Nexersys can give one heck of a workout whatever your fitness level. Go crazy on it or use the onboard sophisticated computer wizardry that acts as your coach and training partner. The Nexersys is also a very good motivation to work out because it turns punching and kicking the pads into a game. There are almost an unlimited number of gaming rounds in Avatar Sparring mode, where you spar with the Avatar on screen; his body parts are the pads. There are also other modes: Circuit Training and High Intensity Interval Training. You get a personalised workout based on your historical performance; profiles can be saved so you can pick up where you left off and compare your performance to other users. It also measures your number of calories burned, accuracy metrics, intensity levels, and heart rate. Available in two models: Home ($2,995) and Pro ($6,995). Have you ever thought of doing a flying knee? You need this.

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