Pent Fitness Lova Kettlebell Set – insanely Expensive kettlebells

Costs more than some cars

The Lova Kettlebell set is not for the average person. The super luxurios kettlebell set have handles made of wood with antibacterial properties, either American Walnut, Black Ash, Natural Ash. The wood not only looks great but also provides a good grips and feels good to the touch. For the weight, you can choose between stainless steel and bronze. The set comes with a luxurious rack made of wood and leather, either black leather or brown leather. The set weighs from 4 kg to 20 kg with a total of 40 kg.

A good set of 10 kettlebells can set you off about $1,000. A set of these 7 Lova Kettlebells with the rack is $11,605.

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