Xebex XT3 Sled uses magnets for resistance

8 levels of magnetic resistance

The Xebex Fitness XT3 is a three-wheeled workout sled that allows you to train on just about any surface where wheels would work. Sled workouts are some of the best ways to improve your knee health and strengthen it. The XT3 features 2 tri-handlebars at the back and a low handlebar in front to allow for multiple pulling and pushing options. The adjustable tri-handlebars can be configured for doing the wheelbarrow push by inserting them into the base or you can attach a rope for doing rope pulls.

There are two versions of the XT3 – the regular XT3 and the XT3 Plus. The XT3 uses 8 magnets to generate resistance while the XT3 Plus uses 12, which increases resistance by 50% more. You can also retrofit the XT3 with the XT3 Plus resistance using a $70 Magnetron Set. Both sleds come with 8 levels of resistance and the harder your push the greater the resistance.

An optional upgrade to the Xebex XT3 Sled HIIT Console Smart connect will give you a backlit display for viewing your performance metrics and as well record your workout history through third party apps.

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