Meindl Spikes Boots – With Retractable Spikes

Revolutionary winter boots with spikes

Ah, the ever-changing dance of the seasons. We've all been there – the treacherous icy streets during the biting cold of winter, the challenge of simply getting from point A to point B without performing a rather embarrassing unintentional pirouette. It's enough to make a seasoned traveller think twice about stepping outside.

Enter the Meindl Spikes Boots, a design that truly understands that the world doesn't stop spinning when the frost comes knocking. No more worrying about adding extra weight to your travel gear or keeping track of yet another gizmo. These boots hold a hidden ace in the hole, a discreet dial nestled in the heel. Turn this dial and voilà, six tungsten carbide spikes emerge from the soles, ready to dig their teeth into the iciest of surfaces. These spikes aren't just any ordinary metal, mind you – they're twice as dense as steel and almost as hard as diamonds. Now, that's an ally you want on your side when icy conditions are against you.

The boots themselves are a marvel. They’re equipped with a Gore-Tex lining that serves dual purposes – it allows your feet to breathe while keeping them nice and dry. Plus, the lambskin adds a touch of luxurious comfort that's a real treat for your feet.

The cherry on top? The Meindl Spikes Boots are not just a one-trick pony. Thanks to the genius Tec Vision rubber tread sole, these boots are as nimble on dry asphalt, dirt, or carpet as they are on icy ground. Simply retract the spikes when you're done bracing the cold, and you're left with a versatile, sturdy boot that's just as at home on a casual walk as it is in the heart of winter.

So, here's my take – for the intrepid wanderer, the winter enthusiast, the resilient adventurer who doesn’t let a little ice dampen their spirits, these boots are a worthy investment. They offer a seamless blend of functionality and comfort, proving that practicality and style can indeed share the same space. It's not just about braving the elements – it's about embracing them, and with the Meindl Spikes Boots, you can do so with confidence and flair. Remember, the world is yours to explore, no matter the weather. Happy wandering!

Every product has its strengths and weaknesses, and the Meindl Spikes Boots are no different. Here's a rundown of the pros and cons:


  1. Integrated Spike System: One of the standout features is the integrated spike system. With a simple turn of a dial, six tungsten carbide spikes discharge from the sole, providing superb traction on icy surfaces.
  2. Versatility: The spikes can be retracted completely, turning your winter boots into regular boots for those moments when you don’t need the extra grip. This versatility makes them suitable for both winter adventures and more casual, day-to-day wear.
  3. Quality Materials: Made with breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex lining, luxurious lambskin, and abrasion-resistant Tec Vision rubber tread sole, these boots are made to last.
  4. Comfort: These boots provide comfort alongside functionality. The lambskin lining is a luxurious touch, ensuring that your feet stay snug and warm.


  1. Price: Priced at 2.340,00 DKK, the Meindl Spikes Boots can be considered a hefty investment. However, the durability, versatility, and advanced features may justify the cost for those who frequently find themselves battling icy conditions.
  2. Limited Use of Tecvision System: Meindl is limiting the Tecvision system to a few of its winter boots only, which means you may not find this advanced feature in all their offerings.
  3. Possible Overkill for Moderate Weather: For those living in areas with milder winters, these boots might be a bit of overkill. The integrated spike system is a significant selling point, and if you rarely encounter icy conditions, it could be an unnecessary feature.
  4. Weight and Bulkiness: While specific information on the weight is not provided, the addition of the integrated spike system and the robust construction might add to the boot's overall weight and bulkiness.

In conclusion, the Meindl Spikes Boots seem like a highly functional and well-constructed piece of footwear for those who often find themselves navigating icy terrains. They're a premium product with a price to match, but for the right user, they could be a game-changer.

$335 (2,340 DKK)

It's a Danish website in Danish language. Here's a translation of the description:

“The boot for the extreme challenge in snow and ice. The winter hunting boot with integrated spikes, made of robust sil-nubuck leather, with a high rubber cap and innovative sole construction, with mechanical release of spikes, which provide a perfect grip in both snow and ice. The release mechanism for the spikes is located at the back of the boot and by rotating 360°, the 6 spikes made of tungsten carbide are released. For the extreme cold, it is insulated with 400 g ThinsulateTM. Waterproof thanks to Gore-Tex®. Excellent comfort, with air-active® insoles and slip-resistant Vibram®icetrek soles. Maintain with WWT-proof and sports wax. Shaft height approx. 21 cm, weight approx. 2460 g/pair.”

For a good alternative, check out Kickspike.

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