MecArmy CMP-2T/2B/2C: A Beacon of Adventure in Titanium, Brass, or Copper

Compact, sensitive, glowing, waterproof, versatile

Stray from the beaten path, my friends, with the unwavering confidence of a seasoned explorer. The CMP-2T/2B/2C compass will be your faithful guide, a beacon in the disorienting dance of the wilderness. A steal at $29.90, the compass serves as a stout yet delicate amalgam of modern technology and timeless craftsmanship. A tool, an art piece, and a survival companion rolled into one.

The compass comes in a tastefully compact design, equally at home in your pocket or gracing your neck on a beaded chain, offering a quiet but distinct statement about your adventurous spirit. Each piece, precision-crafted through CNC finishing, is a testament to the harmony of man and machine. This isn't just another gadget; it's a tribute to our desire for exploration and our respect for craft.

Now, let's talk materials. The choice between titanium, brass, and copper is not just about aesthetic preference; each tells a unique story. The lightweight titanium whispers tales of high-tech explorers on the frontier of discovery, while the old-world allure of brass and copper harkens back to the daring sea voyages of yore.

Don't be fooled by its polished exterior; this compass is not afraid to get its hands dirty. The IPX-5 waterproof certification means it's ready for an unexpected downpour or a daring river crossing. In emergencies, its encapsulation technology ensures high sensitivity, acting as your guiding star when the path ahead is obscured.

And when the light fades, the fluorescence begins its gentle glow, a six-hour vigil in the face of the unknown. This luminescence, together with the included D-type key ring, serves a practical purpose while adding a dash of romantic, adventurous charm.

The various weight options cater to your comfort: choose the titanium if you prefer something feather-light, or opt for the brass or copper for a reassuring heft. Each adds a different rhythm to your journey, like a unique beat on the drum of exploration.

To sum up, this little mechanical marvel bridges the gap between the old and new, between convenience and style, and between you and the great unknown. So strap on your boots, sling the CMP compass around your neck, and step into the wilderness with a glint in your eye and an unquenchable thirst for adventure. As you journey forth, remember this: not all those who wander are lost, and with this compass, you certainly won't be.


  1. Compact and Portable: Its small size and lightweight (especially the titanium variant) make it easy to carry around, whether in your pocket or around your neck.
  2. High Sensitivity: The use of special encapsulation technology enhances its sensitivity, ensuring accuracy even in challenging conditions.
  3. Durability: It is IPX-5 waterproof, allowing it to withstand the elements and making it a reliable companion for any adventure.
  4. Night Visibility: The compass glows in the dark for up to 6 hours, offering ease of use in low light conditions.
  5. Versatile Material Options: Available in titanium, brass, and copper, offering a choice to cater to different tastes and uses.
  6. Value for Money: At a price point of $29.90, it offers an excellent balance of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.


  1. Not Fully Waterproof: Although it has an IPX-5 rating, it's not entirely waterproof, meaning it can't be submerged in water for extended periods.
  2. Heavier Metal Options: The brass and copper versions are significantly heavier than the titanium one. This could be a disadvantage for some users looking for a more lightweight option.
  3. No Digital Features: The compass is entirely mechanical, lacking digital features like GPS integration or digital displays that some modern users might prefer.
  4. Potential Misplacement: Given its small size, there could be a risk of misplacing or losing the compass, especially during intense outdoor activities.


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