Morgan Super 3 Speedster: Rediscover the Joy of Driving in This Classic Three-Wheeler

Vintage Design, Modern Performance, Unmatched Experience

In the realm of four-wheeled conformity, the Morgan Super 3 Speedster stands as a defiant renegade, a bona fide exhibition of unconventional brilliance. It's a bold assertion of individuality, a triumph against mass production, a return to the exhilaration of motoring as it was meant to be. It's not just a car; it's an experience, an adventure, a statement, and it's back on the roads of the United States, ready to redefine your driving narrative.

The Morgan Super 3 Speedster, with its idiosyncratic three-wheeled design, harks back to the inception of the company itself in 1910. This is not a vehicle that's been slapped together on a sterile assembly line. Oh, no. Handcrafted, with a heart of wood underpinning the body panels, it's an amalgamation of classic style and modern performance.

Propelled by a Ford 1.5-liter inline-three engine, boasting a respectable 118 horsepower and 110 lb-ft of torque, this road rebel doesn't just deliver power, it offers an intimate and visceral connection with its raw energy. The Super 3 doesn't concern itself with winning drag races. It instead opts for a most sensual motoring experience that goes beyond mere numbers. It's about that wind-in-your-hair, smile-on-your-face, open-air freedom that you can't quantify with 0-60 times or top speeds.

Super 3's aesthetic identity is an unmistakable nod to the stylish 1920s and '30s, with its streamlined design, individual windscreens, and roll hoops. Yet, it's not just a pretty face. The front of Super 3 is an engineering symphony, combining aluminum castings with an exposed suspension architecture that proudly displays its raw mechanical authenticity.

Its aircraft-inspired design carries through the flat panels flanking the Super 3's fuselage, managing airflow and providing a platform for luggage racks and panniers. The tail presents an elegant simplicity, contrasting with the front's mechanical honesty.

Climbing into the Super 3, you're treated to a pared-back, driver-focused cockpit that champions function over frivolous bells and whistles. It's just you, the vehicle, and the road. The interior is resilient too, equipped to handle water, dust, and the call of adventure in any season.

The real joy comes when you take it out for a spin. This is a car that communicates with you, bringing you closer to the road. The short-throw gearbox, the well-weighted clutch, and a pedal box designed for heel-and-toe gearchanges make each drive an unforgettable dance.

With its unique design, the Super 3 also offers clever storage options. Borrowing ideas from the previous generation Morgan 3 Wheeler's custom luggage solutions, it features rear and side luggage rack options as well as sideblade-mounted panniers and hard shell suitcases.

The Super 3 Speedster is a reminder that driving can still be about more than getting from point A to B. It's about the thrill of the open road, the spirit of freedom, and the joy of connection with your machine. So, if you're yearning for an experience that transcends the mundane, eager to rediscover the lost joy of driving, this is your ticket to ride. Buckle up, America, the Super 3 has landed. Be bold with your next adventure.


  1. Unique Design: The Super 3's distinct three-wheeled design is a break from the norm. This not only sets it apart on the road but gives it a vintage, classic appeal. It's a head-turner, a conversation starter, and an unmistakable symbol of individuality.
  2. Handcrafted Build: With hand construction and wooden frames, this vehicle embodies the ethos of craftsmanship and attention to detail. The build quality is likely to be exceptional.
  3. Driving Experience: One of the major strengths of the Super 3 is the raw, unfiltered driving experience it provides. It's designed to create a mechanical connection between the driver and the machine, which is a rarity in modern vehicles.
  4. Functional and Stylish: The Super 3's design is not only visually appealing but also functional. Features like the airflow management system and the luggage racks are practical, enhancing the vehicle's usability.
  5. All-Season Adventure: With its water and dust resistant interior, the Super 3 is equipped for all-season drives. The thought towards varying weather conditions makes it a robust choice for enthusiasts.


  1. Limited Power: The Super 3's Ford 1.5-liter inline-three engine generates 118 horsepower and 110 lb-ft of torque. While this is sufficient for a lively drive, it may not satisfy those seeking high performance or speed.
  2. Practicality: Its compact size and three-wheel design might present some practical challenges. It may not be as stable as a four-wheel vehicle, particularly at high speeds or in challenging road conditions.
  3. Limited Storage: While the Super 3 has some clever storage solutions, the overall space is still likely to be limited. This could make it less suitable for long trips or for those needing to carry substantial luggage.
  4. Price and Availability: As a handcrafted, niche vehicle, the Super 3 is likely to command a high price tag. Furthermore, availability might be limited to certain dealerships or regions.
  5. Comfort: Given the focus on delivering a raw driving experience, comfort might be compromised. The exposed nature of the cockpit, combined with the vehicle's mechanical rawness, could make for a less comfortable ride, particularly over longer journeys.
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