MaxPro Portable Cable machine with up to 300lbs resistance

Portable device for just about all the workouts you need

Not everyone can have a cable machine at home. They take a lot of space and can get quite expensive. While MaxPro is not exactly cheap, it is still cheaper than traditional cable machines and takes very little space. With it's PowerClutch technology, it is capable of providing up to 150 lbs of concentric resistance per side at 5 lb increments. With both side that's 300 lbs of resistance, which is sufficient for most people. Resistance is easily adjusted with the turn of the dial on each side.

The MaxPro does not use resistance bands, which do not provide constant resistance. It makes use of cables that are 15 times stronger than steel by weight. The cables can be adjusted to varying lengths to suit specific exercises. With all the available accessories it's as if you have a complete gym. However unlike cable machines that use weights, the MaxPro does not have negative resistance, which means there is no weight on the return.

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