Giga Pump 3.0 – Pump, Vacuum and Lantern for camping

3-in-1 pump in a little package

Most electric air pumps are huge and they only do one thing. The Giga Pump 3.0 is 56 x 55 x 71 mm and can fit in your pocket. Aside from pumping air it can also vacuum air for quick deflation and it's also a camping lantern.

The Giga Pump is best used for camping to pump up things like air mattresses, air beds, inflatable neck pillows, or an inflatable boat. Airflow can reach 260L/min, which can inflate an air mattress in 25 seconds. It comes in 3 pressure settings: Soft mode (2.8 kPa, 190L/min), Strong mode (3.5 kPa, 210L/min), and Super mode (4.5kPa, 260L/min). In super mode, the pressure and air flow is strong enough to inflate an inflatable boat in 3 mins. It comes with a few nozzles to fit different inflatables including swimming rings, air mattresses, air beds, and more. However if you want to pump your bike tires, this won't do it because the pressure is not high enough.

For camping though, the Giga Pump is quite useful because it can also vacuum air for deflation and at night be used as a camping lantern. There are 3 lighting modes. The brightest mode gives out 500 lumens of light and can last up to 7 hours and least bright mode gives out 50 lumens of light and can last 62.5 hours.

This is an Indiegogo campaign product.


  • Multi-use
  • Small and portable
  • Convenient


  • This is crowdfunding product (doesn't ship immediately)
  • Pump not powerful enough to pump tires
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