MaxAce Titanis: The Titan Among Pocket Knives!

Colossal, robust, ergonomic, quality steel

For those whose aesthetics lean more towards the formidable and the extreme, this piece of artwork, the MaxAce Titanis, is something that'll have your adrenaline pumping. Imagine the sensation of an audacious symphony being played in an old-world amphitheater – that's what it feels like to witness the grandeur of this Titanis. And oh boy, it’s the embodiment of craziness. This isn't just a knife; it's a testament to human innovation and audacity, a triumph of design, and a journey into the wild side of craftsmanship.

With an overall length of a whopping 280mm and a blade length of 122mm, it’s anything but small. Its structure is magnificent, anchored by a handle of 158mm that brings balance and proportion to its size. An impressive blade thickness of 6.0mm, this colossal gadget is all about ‘go big or go home'. Created from M390 blade material, known for its superior quality, it embodies durability and resilience.

Titanis comes housed in a large, rugged hard case equipped with all the extra hardware one might need for the knife. This extra hardware is just as formidable as the Titanis itself. This mammoth hardware is possibly the most gigantic you’ll encounter on any knife. Everything about the Titanis is extravagant, even down to the size of the stop pins – they are, quite frankly, colossal.

The ergonomics are incredibly comfortable, making it easier to handle than you might expect given its size. Despite its almost ludicrous scale, the Titanis is sculpted in such a way that it allows for easy access to the lock bar, an aspect that any true aficionado will appreciate. Its absurd size offers versatility in grip options: hold it back comfortably for chopping, choke up close, or even get right on top of it.

As for carryability, it's equipped with a pocket clip. While not as over-the-top as the rest of the knife, it still serves its purpose. It's more like carrying a pistol on your hip – somewhat unconventional, but then again, what about this knife is conventional?

The Titanis isn't just about size and spectacle, it also takes safety and reliability seriously. Its liner lock is sturdy and massive. It even comes with a pin to stop the blade from closing, a feature that speaks to the knife's quality and the manufacturer's attention to detail.

As absurd as it may sound, its size does make it exceptionally functional in a variety of situations. Its distinctive blade shape could make it a handy companion in the kitchen, or it could just as well be your trusty sidekick in a post-apocalyptic zombie situation. This eccentric piece of craftsmanship even comes with weight relieving measures in the backspacer.

Despite its size, this knife surprisingly carries a hardness level of 59-60 HRC. A hardness like this ensures that your blade can take on just about anything without losing its edge. It also features an MRBS (Multi-Row Bearing System), further cementing its place as a beast in the knife world.

The Titanis is not a knife for the faint-hearted or the unadventurous. It’s for those who believe in pushing boundaries, in breaking the norms. It’s for those who not only appreciate high-quality craftsmanship, but also relish the joy of owning something that is just a little bit mad, a little bit audacious. For all its flamboyance, the MaxAce Titanis is a masterpiece. Its high price tag reflects the superior materials and thoughtful design that make this knife a veritable tour de force in the world of blades. Its unique combination of size, functionality, and audacity make it something truly special.

If you are looking for a knife that is a celebration of extremes and an object of awe, look no further than the MaxAce Titanis. It’s one of those creations that make you stop, stare, and wonder. And for those who dare to venture into this realm of grandeur, it's an experience like no other.

Pros :

  1. Monumental Size: With an overall length of 280mm, it’s an impressive showpiece, perfect for those who prefer their knives to make a statement.
  2. High-Quality Blade Material: The M390 steel used in the blade is recognized for its excellent quality, offering superior edge retention and corrosion resistance.
  3. Comfortable Ergonomics: Despite its intimidating size, the Titanis is designed with comfort in mind. Its design provides multiple grip options, making it versatile in usage.
  4. Robust Construction: The Titanis is built to last, with a considerable liner lock and hardened steel hardware. This ensures its longevity and sturdiness.
  5. Safety Measures: With a provided pin to stop the blade from closing, user safety is given priority. This is a thoughtful addition that demonstrates attention to detail.


  1. Intimidating Size: The very feature that sets it apart can also be a disadvantage. Its colossal size can make it less portable and practical for everyday carry.
  2. High Price Point: The premium quality and extreme design come with a significant cost, which might deter budget-conscious buyers.
  3. Limited Pocket Clip Functionality: Despite having a pocket clip, the sheer size of the knife can cause discomfort and awkward bulges when carried in the pocket.
  4. Weight: The Titanis, owing to its considerable dimensions and hardware, may prove to be heavy. Although there are some weight relieving measures, it might still be burdensome for prolonged use.
  5. Complex Maintenance: Given the extra hardware and the size of the Titanis, maintenance might be a bit more complex compared to other knives.


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