Maximize Your Camping Experience with the C6 Rev Rooftop Tent’s Unmatched Versatility

Lightweight, Versatile Rooftop Tent

Picture this: you're on the road, yearning for a genuine journey, not just a tour, taking you to unexplored corners of the world. You're living out of your vehicle, in touch with the raw, wild beauty of nature. That’s when you encounter the C6 Rev Rooftop Tent.

This isn't just a rooftop tent – it's a portable, modular, four-season home-away-from-home that adapts to your wanderlust-fueled whims. With its impressively lightweight design, it makes every vehicle a potential expedition vehicle. And by lightweight, we're talking 40-70 pounds less than your average rooftop tent – an impressive feat that doesn't compromise on strength. It can comfortably hold up to 400 pounds, no grunting or creaking involved.

Imagine the ease of single-handedly moving the components on and off your vehicle, the convenience of being able to convert your vehicle back to a daily driver when needed, and the ability to enjoy the comfort of your tent even when not rooftop camping. It's versatility at its finest.

The Rev Tent fits into any camping landscape, whether it's perched on a pick-up truck bed, settled on a campsite, or stationed on any flat surface of the right dimensions. This means you have the freedom to pitch your tent wherever the spirit of adventure calls, even where vehicles fear to tread.

Forget about sleeping on those thin mattresses that most rooftop tents offer – the Rev Tent outdoes them all with its plush 4-inch mattress, complete with a quilted topper. It's like bringing your bed along on your journey, cradling you in comfort as you recharge for another day of exploration.

This is a tent designed with the needs of the all-weather adventurer in mind. Unlike other rooftop tents, the Rev Tent offers full top-to-bottom protection, making it a true 4-season dwelling. Whether you're braving the chill of winter or the rains of spring, this tent has got you covered.

Its design boasts of panoramic views with four floor-to-ceiling openings, all screened to offer an unobstructed view of the breathtaking landscapes you encounter, while still protecting you from pesky bugs. And with the wind-resistant design, no gust is strong enough to spoil your camping experience.

Storage is a breeze, too. You can hang your Rev Tent on the garage wall when it's not in use, freeing up space and making for an easy grab-and-go when the open road calls your name.

The Rev Tent doesn't compromise on creature comforts either. With options to add a Rev Room Annex and Rev Shoe Storage bags, your living space becomes a private haven for changing, showering, and storing essential items.

Setup is as quick as 5-7 minutes, saving precious time for exploring or just kicking back and soaking in the beauty of your surroundings.

Add all these features together, and the $1,329 price tag starts to look like a great deal, especially for the seasoned adventurer. This isn't just a purchase, it's an investment in a lifetime of unforgettable journeys.

The C6 Rev Roof Top Tent? It's not just a tent; it's a passport to adventures untold, making every journey a homecoming of sorts. Because, in the end, it's not just about where you go – it's about how you experience the journey. And this tent, my friends, is all about enhancing that journey. After all, we're not just travelers; we're explorers, we're adventurers, and we're deserving of gear that can keep up. The Rev Tent does just that and more.


  1. Lightweight: Weighing 40-70 lbs less than similar sized rooftop tents, the Rev Tent is remarkably portable and easy to handle.
  2. Versatile Usage: It can be used not only as a rooftop tent but also at a campground, in a pick-up truck bed, or on any suitable flat surface.
  3. Thick Mattress: The Rev Tent features a 4-inch thick mattress, with a quilted topper, offering superior comfort compared to typical rooftop tent mattresses.
  4. True 4-Season Protection: With its full top-to-bottom fly, the Rev Tent is equipped to handle all weather conditions, making it a truly four-season tent.
  5. Panoramic Views: The tent has four floor-to-ceiling openings, offering spectacular 360-degree views without compromising on protection from the elements.
  6. Wind Resistant: Its unique design resists wind effectively, making it stable even in strong gusts.
  7. Easy Storage: The Rev Tent can be hung on the wall for storage, making it compact and easy to store.
  8. Quick Setup: The tent can be set up within 5-7 minutes, making it convenient for users who need to set up or pack up quickly.


  1. Price: At $1,329, the Rev Tent might be a significant investment for some, especially when compared to lower-cost rooftop tents.
  2. Setup Complexity: Despite the quick setup time, the tent requires assembly of several components which may seem complicated to some users.
  3. Size Limitations: The Rev Tent is designed for two people and might not be suitable for larger groups or families.
  4. Vehicle Requirements: The vehicle's roof and cross bar dynamic load carrying capacity must be at least 150 lbs, which could limit the tent's compatibility with some vehicles.
  5. Optional Extras: Features like the Rev Room Annex and Rev Shoe Storage bags, while useful, are not included in the basic package and would incur additional costs.
  6. Ground Surface Limitations: For ground use, the surface needs to be at least 48”x 84”/ 1220mm x 2134mm, limiting the locations where the tent can be pitched.


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