Maeving RM1S: Embrace Electric with Powerful 65mph Retro Motorcycle

Retro-styled Powerful Electric Motorcycle

There's a beauty in the thrill of the open road; in the wind against your face as you twist the throttle, and in the purr, or in this case, the silent hum of a powerful motor beneath you. The world of motorcycling is a rich tapestry of experiences, and every once in a while, a machine emerges that promises to redefine the very essence of that experience.

Enter the Maeving RM1S. If the motorcycling world was a grand, bustling bazaar, this machine would undoubtedly catch the discerning eye of a connoisseur. Not only does it boast of a retro-styled charm reminiscent of yesteryears, but it couples that with the promise of a cleaner, more sustainable future. And, what's not to love about that?

Maeving is not a new name in this electric motorcycle game. Their RM1 model had already set tongues wagging, especially amongst those looking for short, stylish city commutes. But the RM1S? This is the electric motorcycle for those whose souls yearn for the open highway. It's powerful, offering a heady mix of a continuous 7kW power and bursts of a whopping 10.5kW. It's not just about numbers though; it's about the feeling that power translates into, as you navigate the city streets or open her up on the highway with a top speed of 65 mph.

Range anxiety, the eternal bane of electric vehicles, seems well addressed too. An admirable range of 60-80 miles should serve most riders well, though of course, actual mileage will vary based on a myriad of factors. And if you're wondering about the downtime when you've exhausted those miles, you'd be pleasantly surprised. An efficient charging system ensures you're back on the road in no time.

But, let's take a moment to talk about style, shall we? The RM1S's tank color options are, for lack of a better word, a treat. From ‘Gilbert', a nod to the racing liveries of the world rally championships of the 80s and 90s, to ‘Harlequin', a beautiful tribute to Maeving's British heritage, the choices are both evocative and vibrant. ‘Vincent' takes inspiration from the iconic Vincent Black Shadow, while ‘Sunset' is all about those magical city rides during the golden hour.

Now, I've been around the block, and I've ridden my fair share of motorcycles. This, however, seems different. It's not just about going from point A to point B. It's about the journey, the story, and the statement you make along the way. The Maeving RM1S, at a price point of around £7,495, seems poised to make a significant mark. And if early indicators like their rapid pre-orders are anything to go by, they're on to something special.

For those in the UK, this might be the next big thing on the roads. And for the rest of the world? Well, let's just say, keep your ears to the ground, or perhaps, eyes on the road. The future is electric, and it's looking quite stylish.


  1. Eco-friendly Riding: Being an electric motorcycle, the Maeving RM1S offers emissions-free riding, catering to the increasing demand for sustainable transportation.
  2. High Performance: The RM1S boasts a powerful motor that provides a continuous 7kW with peaks of 10.5kW, ensuring robust acceleration and riding experience.
  3. Highway-ready: With a top speed of 65mph, this model is suitable for highway travel, expanding its utility beyond just city commutes.
  4. Impressive Range: The motorcycle offers a real-world range of 60-80 miles, which is considerable for an electric bike.
  5. Flexible Charging: Riders can charge the RM1S both onboard and off, making it convenient based on their needs.
  6. Retro-styled Charm: The bike’s design combines retro aesthetics with modern technology, appealing to both traditionalists and tech-savvy riders.
  7. Variety in Aesthetics: Multiple tank color options, inspired by iconic motorcycling history, give buyers an opportunity to choose a style that resonates with their personality.
  8. Storage: A 10L lockable storage provides practicality for city riders.
  9. Licensing: The ability to ride with a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) license makes it accessible to a broader range of riders.
  10. Popularity and Demand: Early signs, like rapid pre-orders, indicate a strong market interest in the product.


  1. Limited Top Speed: While 65mph is suitable for many scenarios, it might be limiting for those looking for higher performance on open highways.
  2. Range Variability: The 60-80 miles range can be influenced by several factors such as rider weight, weather, and road conditions, potentially causing range anxiety for some users.
  3. Licensing Restrictions: For accessing all types of roads, a higher license than a basic training certificate is needed.
  4. Price Point: At £7,495, the price might be on the steeper side for some potential buyers, especially when compared to other electric alternatives.
  5. Uncertain Global Availability: As of now, there's no official confirmation on availability outside the UK, potentially limiting its reach.


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