Hyperice’s Heated Head Attachment: Where Innovation Meets Muscle Relief

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You ever find yourself winding down after an intense day at the gym, seeking that blissful sensation of relief to cascade over your sore muscles? Well, I've come across something that might just elevate that experience.

Picture this: the deep, rhythmic pulses of a massage gun, working their way into the knots and tight spots on your body, now further intensified by the warmth of a heated attachment. This isn't just your everyday massage; this is the world of recovery redefined.

Hyperice, a brand synonymous with innovation, introduces its Heated Head Attachment. What sets it apart? This ingenious device marries the benefits of percussive massage therapy with heat therapy, offering settings that range from a cozy 109º F to a warm 120º F. It's like taking the tranquilizing sensations of a massage and giving it an extra touch of warmth.

But why heat, you ask? Not only does it amplify the soothing feelings of the percussive therapy, but the heat also facilitates the flow of essential nutrients and oxygen to your muscle tissues, potentially expediting recovery and alleviating tension more effectively. Think of it as a welcoming embrace for your muscles, especially before you dive into intense activities like weightlifting or a long run.

The design itself is sleek and unassuming. Resembling Hyperice’s other flat-faced heads, the Heated Head Attachment comes equipped with a rechargeable power source that can last up to a commendable 75 minutes. It's also compatible with the entire Hypervolt family, from the entry-level Hypervolt 2 to the portable Hypervolt Go 2, and even their previous generation devices.

If you're wondering about the know-how, Hyperice has got you covered. They're set to roll out a series of educational content on their companion app and YouTube channel, featuring insights from renowned wellness experts. So, not only do you get a revolutionary product, but you also get a guide on how to use it to its fullest potential.

At a price point of $59, it seems like a worthy investment for those who are serious about their recovery. This isn't just a product. It's a testament to how the boundaries of relaxation and recovery can be pushed further, a bridge between tradition and innovation. In a world where we're always on the move, isn't it worth investing in something that promises effective relief? I'd say, give it a shot. After all, our bodies deserve nothing but the best.


  1. Integrated Heat Therapy: Combines the advantages of percussive massage therapy with heat therapy, potentially speeding up muscle recovery and tension relief.
  2. Versatility: Compatible with the entire Hyperice Hypervolt family, including previous-generation models.
  3. Extended Battery Life: Offers up to 75 minutes of use on its highest setting, ensuring ample time for comprehensive muscle treatment.
  4. Multiple Heat Settings: Provides three different heat levels, catering to individual preferences and needs.
  5. Educational Support: Hyperice offers an educational content series on its app and YouTube, providing users with guidance on maximizing the benefits of the product.
  6. Portable Design: The compact size and weight make it easy to carry, ensuring relief on-the-go.
  7. Affordable: At $59, it is priced accessibly, especially when considering the innovation it brings to muscle recovery.


  1. Limited Heat Range: With the highest temperature being 120º F, some users might find the heat insufficient for their needs.
  2. Battery Life Concerns: While 75 minutes may be adequate for some, intense users or professionals might find themselves needing to recharge more often than preferred.
  3. Additional Accessory: As it's an attachment, there's the potential for misplacing it, in contrast to built-in features.
  4. Potential Learning Curve: With the introduction of heat to percussive therapy, users may need to spend some time learning the optimal way to use the product to avoid discomfort or overuse.

It's essential for potential users to weigh these pros and cons based on their individual needs and preferences when considering the purchase of the Heated Head Attachment.


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