Lucas Burnley’s Böker Plus Kwaiken Sym: The Ultimate Gentleman’s Tactical Knife

Elegant, Precise, Durable, Sleek, Functional

The Böker Plus Kwaiken Sym, crafted by the astute hands of Lucas Burnley, is a testimony to fine craftsmanship where modern design meets functionality, with a whisper of neo-Japanese aesthetics softly echoing through its construction. It's a piece that doesn’t just blend into the tapestry of the everyday but rather adds a subtle, yet undeniable pulse to it, a rhythm of elegance and efficiency.

Burnley, an Oregon-based craftsman since 2003, doesn’t merely fashion knives; he tells stories through steel and handle, creating a narrative of sophistication, playful experimentation, and tactical utility. He weaves a tale where utility dances gracefully with beauty, without ever overshadowing it. Every creation of his, including this exquisite piece, is a seamless blend of the playful and the sophisticated, capturing subtle notes of neo-Japanese design.

Now, let’s delve into the Böker Plus Kwaiken Sym. With its precise lines and slim silhouette, the knife is not just an instrument but an experience waiting to unfold. Its design is clear, practical, and yet brimming with a quiet kind of iconography, offering a unique allure as it sits nestled in one's pocket. When closed, the knife encapsulates its blade in a cocoon of sleek design and unassuming power, bearing witness to an intelligent design where form doesn't just follow function, it dances intimately with it.

It evolves from its predecessor, the Burnley Kwaiken Classic, offering a twist of symmetry and harmony, echoing the quiet philosophy threading through the landscapes of Japan. The flipper, reminiscent of a parrying element, not only provides safe and intuitive operation but adds a layer of subtle design complexity, making each interaction with the knife a symphony of movement and balance.

In the realm of reliability, the Kwaiken Sym doesn’t falter. Its linerlock is forged from black-coated 154CM, resting confidently on a ball bearing. The dagger blade, honed with precision on one side, locks with assurance, making it a steadfast companion in daily endeavors.

The handle isn’t just a part of the knife; it’s where the spirit of the Kwaiken Sym resides. With titanium bolsters providing a silent strength and handle scales crafted from G10, the all-black visage of the knife is gently broken, giving it a unique visual rhythm. It's a design that whispers elegance while subtly hinting at its tactical origins, making it a noble crossover between a gentleman’s folder and a tactical knife.

This masterpiece isn’t just shipped to you; it’s presented, cradled in a high-quality nylon case for storage, as if acknowledging the treasure it holds within. Its removable clip offers flexibility in carrying, making it not just a piece of utility but a versatile companion that adapts to your journey, understanding and accentuating your personal style.

Böker Plus is not just a brand; it's a promise of quality and innovation. With a network of internationally acclaimed designers, the company is a crucible where style meets function, creating knives that are not only guaranteed for everyday use but are also reflections of personality, whispers of elegance, and shouts of efficiency. Every knife is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating tools that are practical, stylish, and undeniably, unmistakably Böker Plus.

For the discerning individual who sees a knife not just as a tool but as an extension of themselves, an accessory that tells a story while efficiently performing its function, the Böker Plus Kwaiken Sym is more than a worthy investment. It’s a narrative of elegance, functionality, and quiet strength, waiting to be unfolded and read through the language of design and utility. With the Kwaiken Sym in hand, every cut is not just a physical action, but a declaration of taste, an expression of aesthetic and a nod to a tradition of craftsmanship that speaks volumes in its silent efficiency.


  1. Distinctive Design: With its modern, slim profile infused with neo-Japanese elements, the Kwaiken Sym is aesthetically pleasing, making it a standout piece in any collection.
  2. Quality Construction: Crafted with precision, the knife boasts a blade made from durable 154CM steel, titanium bolsters, and G10 handle scales, promising longevity and reliable performance.
  3. Safe and Intuitive Operation: The design incorporates a flipper that not only facilitates easy and safe opening but also acts as a parrying element, enhancing the knife's functionality.
  4. Versatile Use: The Kwaiken Sym masterfully bridges the gap between a gentleman's folder and a tactical knife, making it suitable for various applications, from everyday tasks to more demanding challenges.
  5. Reliable Locking Mechanism: The linerlock mechanism ensures the blade stays securely in place during use, providing confidence and safety during operation.
  6. Exclusive Presentation: Accompanied by a high-quality nylon case, the Kwaiken Sym is not only well-protected but also presented in a manner befitting its premium status.
  7. Renowned Designer: Created by Lucas Burnley, a respected designer known for his functional and visually appealing designs, this knife carries a reputation for quality and innovation.
  8. Global Brand Recognition: As a Böker Plus product, the Kwaiken Sym benefits from the brand’s commitment to producing innovative, functional, and stylish knives, guaranteeing a product crafted with expertise and care.


  1. Premium Price Point: At $258.00, the Kwaiken Sym is a significant investment, potentially making it a less accessible option for the casual user or those on a tighter budget.
  2. Weight: Weighing 4.34 ounces, it might be slightly heavier than other pocket knives, potentially impacting its comfort and ease of use for some individuals.
  3. Made in Asia: While the design and conception are executed in Solingen, production in Asia may concern some purists who prefer knives made entirely in traditional crafting regions.
  4. Black Coating on Blade: While stylish, the black coating on the blade may wear over time, affecting the overall aesthetic of the knife in the long run.
  5. Learning Curve: The unique design and features of the Kwaiken Sym may require some time for users to become accustomed to, potentially impacting immediate ease of use.


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