Goal Zero Skylight: Portable Lighting for Adventurous Spirits!

Robust, adjustable, portable outdoor light

In the quiet dusk of a soon-to-be lively evening, the Goal Zero Skylight Portable Area Light stands tall and vigilant, a beacon of substantial, bright, and adjustable illumination designed for a variety of settings and situations. It’s not merely another camping light but a veritable titan of versatility, equipped with 6,000 lumens that effortlessly light up a diameter of 300 feet, thus transforming shadows into a comfortable glow where laughter and stories unfold without hindrance. It’s the light that sets the stage, subtly yet firmly.

With a warmth unlike its traditional counterparts, this light spills a comforting ambiance set at 3250K, cultivating a surrounding that feels both intimate and expansive, a rare balance that lends itself to different events and spaces – tailgates, backyard celebrations, campsites beneath the open, starlit sky, and the meticulous corners of a jobsite. This gadget isn’t picky; wherever there’s a need for visibility, it is ready and willing to oblige.

Picture this: a device that not only stays resilient against the whims of weather with an IPX4 water-resistant rating but also travels with you encased securely in hard plastic armor, ready for deployment at a moment's notice. Each excursion, whether it be a casual outdoor gathering or a critical project, is accompanied by reliable, durable lighting without the worry of delicate handling or meticulous maintenance.

Skylight isn’t just about providing light; it’s about giving you control over it. It extends graciously from a compact 4 feet to a towering 12 feet, while six individual LED light petals dance and adjust, providing multi-directional lighting exactly where it’s desired. Its longevity, supported by an internal battery and the option to connect to various Yeti power stations, offers hours, if not days, of continuous, adjustable brightness. From a subdued glow to a brilliant blaze, the Skylight bends to your need and whim, illuminating spaces with a staying power that is both impressive and reassuring.

What I find admirable about the Skylight is its attention to the user’s journey and experience. The short-term internal battery is like a backup singer who steps up during the unexpected moments, providing up to eight hours of low brightness during power outages or short, unplanned adventures. It’s an understated, yet invaluable feature for those of us who have found ourselves in need of light when least expected.

As for the more technical among us, you would appreciate the substantial two-year warranty, the 500+ lifecycles of its lithium-ion NMC internal battery, and the meticulous detailing in its design, from its weight and dimensions whether collapsed or extended, to its protective case. Goal Zero indeed embodies a spirit of adventure and respect for the planet, creating products that not only address our needs but also echo our desires for safe, sustainable, and connected living.

In the hands of those who seek adventure, value connection, and strive for sustainability, the Goal Zero Skylight is more than a portable light; it’s a companion in creating moments, building spaces, and illuminating the stories that happen under its dependable, warm glow. It’s a device crafted with thought, designed for life lived fully, under the bright canopy of the world’s endless, fascinating sky.


  1. Highly Versatile: With its 6,000 lumens, the Skylight is suitable for various activities and settings, including camping, tailgating, backyard parties, job sites, and home improvement projects.
  2. Adjustable Brightness: Users can choose from four brightness settings, providing customizable lighting for every situation.
  3. Long-Lasting Battery Life: When connected to Yeti power stations, the Skylight can run for up to 375 hours on low brightness.
  4. Backup Internal Battery: The internal battery can power the light for short-term use (up to 8 hours on low), which is ideal for unexpected power outages.
  5. Multi-Directional Lighting: Its six adjustable LED petals offer lighting in multiple directions, with each petal moving up and down 180 degrees.
  6. Portable and Durable: With a hard plastic carrying case and a water-resistant rating of IPX4, the Skylight is designed for easy transport and outdoor use.
  7. Telescopic Height Adjustment: Users can adjust the height from 4 to 12 feet to illuminate a broad area effectively.
  8. Warm Light Temperature: With a warmer light temperature (3250K), it creates a comfortable atmosphere compared to traditional work lights.
  9. Two-Year Warranty: The product comes with a two-year warranty, providing consumers with confidence and protection on their purchase.


  1. Price: Retailing at $299.95, the Skylight may be considered expensive for a portable light by some consumers.
  2. Weight: At over 14 pounds (and nearly 18 pounds with the case), some users might find it somewhat heavy to carry for longer distances.
  3. Dependent on Power Stations for Extended Use: While it has an internal battery, for long-lasting light, it needs to be connected to a power station, which is sold separately.
  4. Limited Run Time on Internal Battery: The internal battery alone offers limited use, with just 1 hour on high brightness and 8 hours on low.
  5. Size When Extended: Its extended dimensions might make it challenging to use in confined or crowded spaces.
  6. Learning Curve: Adjusting and positioning the six LED petals for optimal lighting might take some getting used to for new users.


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