Hyper Vest Elite adjustable form-fitting weight vest

For high impact movements

You don't always need a heavy weighted vest like Kensui's EZ Vest for your workouts. Sometimes you need something that doesn't get in the way for sprinting or running for example. For that, there's Hyperwear's Hyper Vest Elite Weight Vest. It's a form-fitting vest perfect for high-impact jostling movements. You might even get away with walking around town with a Hyper Vest under your shirt without attracting attention.

The Hyper Vest only goes to 25 lbs for the XL size and 20 lbs for the Medium and Large but it is sufficient for what it's for. Adjustable in 2.25 ounces, you can choose to purchase the vest loaded with 10, 15, or 20 lbs. Or you can choose to buy 5 lbs of extra weight separately.

The material used for the vest is Cordura fabric, which is breathable, odor resistant, and wicking. On the side are flexible lacings for an adjustable fit and ventilation.

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