Jackson Kayak Knarr Fishing Kayak – The Ultimate Angler’s Companion

Angler-focused, pedal-drive, big-water kayak

Ah, the Jackson Kayak Knarr Fishing Kayak – now this is a vessel that speaks to the adventurous spirit in all of us. As someone who's always been drawn to the water and its potential for excitement and discovery, I can't help but be captivated by this gnarly boat.

Designed for the most intrepid of anglers, this kayak is engineered to tackle oceans and large lakes with speed, stability, and grace. It's abundantly clear that the input from offshore, inshore, and tournament anglers has paid off, making the Knarr a force to be reckoned with on the water.

The boat's bow and stern have been crafted with purpose, accommodating trolling motors and all the necessary gear for a truly immersive fishing experience. What's more, the Flex Drive Mark IV peddle drive means your hands are free to focus on reeling in those big catches.

I'm particularly impressed by the thoughtful design of the cockpit. The traction pads, adjustable seating, and scupper hole for a fish finder are all signs that this kayak is built to cater to the needs of serious fishermen. The in-boat access to the prop is a subtle but crucial detail – no one wants to deal with weeds and line getting in the way of a smooth ride.

The Knarr doesn't skimp on organization either. With molded geometry and TriTrack channels, all cables and electronics can be stowed away neatly, keeping the kayak clutter-free. And for the anglers who need to bring along an arsenal of rods, this kayak has you covered with multiple rod holders, tubes, and the TriLock Side Stager.

As if all that wasn't enough, the boat comes with a bevy of useful accessories, ensuring that you have everything you need for an epic day on the water. I'm particularly fond of the Jackson Kayak multi-box, which is perfect for keeping your tackle and tools in order.

In summary, the Jackson Kayak Knarr Fishing Kayak is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and collaboration. It's evident that every feature has been carefully considered, resulting in a boat that's equal parts functional and exhilarating. For the angler who's serious about their sport and unwilling to compromise on quality, this kayak might just be your new best friend on the water.


  1. Performance: Designed for speed, stability, tracking, and handling, the Knarr is built to perform well in big water environments such as oceans and large lakes.
  2. Customized for anglers: From the specialized hull to the cockpit design, this kayak caters specifically to the needs of fishermen, ensuring a comfortable and efficient fishing experience.
  3. Hands-free propulsion: The Flex Drive Mark IV peddle drive allows for fast, quiet propulsion without the need for paddling, keeping your hands free to focus on fishing.
  4. Adjustable seating: The EZ Hi-Lo seating system offers versatility in positioning for comfort and fishing performance.
  5. Organized and clutter-free: The molded geometry, TriTrack channels, and ample storage options make it easy to keep your kayak organized and free of unnecessary clutter.
  6. Rod storage: With multiple rod holders, tubes, and the TriLock Side Stager, the Knarr accommodates 6-8 fishing rods, ensuring you have all the gear you need for a successful fishing trip.
  7. Accessory compatibility: The kayak is designed to easily integrate trolling motors, fish finders, and other fishing accessories, making it a versatile choice for anglers.
  8. Included accessories: The Knarr comes with several useful extras such as a red safety flag, a stand-assist strap, a YakAttack Omega Rod Holder, an Orion side mount cup holder, and the Jackson Kayak multi-box for tackle and tool storage.


  1. Price: Given its specialized design and features, the Knarr may come at a higher price point compared to more basic fishing kayaks.
  2. Size and weight: As a kayak built for big water, it may be larger and heavier than other models, which could make transportation and storage more challenging.
  3. Not suitable for all water types: While the Knarr excels in large bodies of water, it may not be the best option for smaller rivers, creeks, or other narrow waterways.
  4. Motors not included: Though the kayak is designed to accommodate trolling motors, they are sold separately and will add an additional expense if you wish to enhance your fishing experience.
  5. Learning curve: With its numerous features and accessories, the Knarr may require a bit of a learning curve for novice anglers or those new to using pedal-drive kayaks.
  6. Potential maintenance: The pedal-drive system and various built-in features may require occasional maintenance or repair over time, which could be an added cost or inconvenience.
  7. Limited availability: As a specialized kayak, the Knarr may not be as readily available at all retailers or rental locations compared to more common models.
  8. Heavier load: Due to its design and focus on accommodating multiple rods and other gear, the kayak might become considerably heavier when fully loaded, which could affect its performance or make it more difficult to maneuver.

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