Cyclemate Electric Surfboard

Innovative, accessible, versatile, safe, exhilarating

As a seasoned traveler and explorer, I'm no stranger to the ocean and its myriad adventures. But what if I told you that there's a new way to ride the waves, defying the very rules of traditional surfing? Enter the Cyclemate Electric Surfboard, a cutting-edge innovation that redefines the surfing experience.

Picture this: A surfboard crafted through meticulous engineering, involving numerous processes, optimizations, and upgrades. Cyclemate has devoted immense time and resources to perfecting their electric surfboard, making it accessible to surfers around the world.

Gone are the days of waiting for the perfect wave or weather conditions. Cyclemate's electric surfboard lets you surf on your terms, whether it's in Los Angeles during the winter, a calm lake, or even your neighbor's pool. The board doesn't discriminate between locations and is always ready for adventure.

Cyclemate caters to both beginners and experienced surfers alike, offering adjustable speed settings that ensure a safe and exhilarating experience. Its modular design offers enhanced safety, ensuring that the battery and circuitry are protected from water damage. Furthermore, the surfboard is lightweight and easy to transport, thanks to the innovative use of EPP materials.

The intelligent controller system is a game-changer, allowing for smooth acceleration, speed, and balance. With the Cyclemate control handle, you'll be the master of your own aquatic domain, expertly navigating the waters with ease and confidence.

In conclusion, the Cyclemate Electric Surfboard is a groundbreaking invention that takes surfing to new heights. It offers unparalleled freedom and convenience, making it the perfect companion for those seeking the thrill of the open water. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional surfing, and embrace the future with Cyclemate.


  1. Accessibility: The Cyclemate Electric Surfboard caters to both beginners and experienced surfers, making surfing more accessible to a wider audience.
  2. Adjustable Speed: The board offers a stepless speed range from 0 to 32 km/h for beginners and up to 60 km/h for experienced surfers, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all skill levels.
  3. Independent Surfing Conditions: Users can surf in various locations and weather conditions without needing to rely on the perfect wave, providing increased opportunities for surfing.
  4. Modular Design: The waterproof and modular design of the surfboard enhances safety by protecting the battery and circuitry from water damage.
  5. Lightweight and Portable: The use of EPP materials makes the surfboard lighter than its competitors, and the ability to separate the battery from the board makes it easy to transport.
  6. Intelligent Controller System: The controller system allows for precise control over acceleration, speed, and balance, catering to the needs of surfers at any skill level.
  7. Rigorous Testing: Cyclemate has conducted extensive testing, including dynamic seal tests, salt spray tests, and vibration tests, ensuring the surfboard's water resistance, corrosion resistance, and stability.


  1. Price: The advanced technology and high-quality materials used in the surfboard might result in a higher price compared to traditional surfboards.
  2. Battery Life: Although the battery lasts for two hours, it may not be enough for extended surfing sessions, requiring users to recharge or swap batteries.
  3. Environmental Impact: The use of batteries and electric power raises concerns about the product's environmental impact compared to traditional, non-electric surfboards.
  4. Learning Curve: Despite its beginner-friendly features, some users may still face a learning curve when adapting to the electric surfboard, especially if they have previous experience with traditional surfing.
  5. Availability of Service Centers: As a relatively new product, finding service centers or technicians for maintenance and repairs might be a challenge in certain regions.
  6. Potential Regulations: In some areas, local regulations may limit the use of electric surfboards, restricting their use in certain water bodies or imposing speed limits.

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