OKGO Smart e-bike – This futuristic ebike comes with radar in the seat post

Futuristic, connected, sleek, safe, innovative

Sometimes, the future takes the form of a two-wheeler, a marvel of technology and design that seems plucked straight from the digital utopia of Tron. The Taiwanese company OKGO has crafted a carbon-framed Smart E-Bike that's nothing short of extraordinary.

Unveiled at the Taipei Cycle bicycle show, this functional prototype embodies a vision for urban transportation. Its sleek carbon fiber frame houses an innovative Smart Bike Display integrated into the handlebars. This touchscreen not only displays the essentials – current speed, distance, navigation, electric assist mode, and battery life – but also takes voice commands and unlocks the drive system with a fingerprint scan.

What really stands out, however, is the rear-approaching vehicle alerts, courtesy of the bike's seatpost-integrated radar module. These alerts come as both an onscreen symbol and handlebar vibrations, ensuring rider safety.

The handlebars also feature a central headlight, front-facing button-activated turn indicators, and lights that project turn-indicator symbols onto the road. Connectivity is a key selling point as well, with 4G allowing for firmware updates, remote access, and fleet bike monitoring.

Despite the impressive prototype, details about the bike's regular specs are scarce. What we do know is that it boasts a Kindshock rear suspension, mechanical disc brakes, a rear hub motor, a down-tube-integrated battery, and a traditional chain-drive rear-derailleur drivetrain.

However, it's important to note that OKGO is targeting businesses rather than individual consumers, so pricing and availability remain a mystery.

In my opinion, the OKGO Smart E-Bike is an exciting glimpse into the future of urban transportation. Its seamless integration of technology and design feels like a perfect match for the bustling city streets. I'm eager to see how the public will react to this cutting-edge creation, and whether it'll inspire even more innovative developments in the world of cycling.


  1. Striking Design: The carbon fiber frame gives the OKGO Smart E-Bike a sleek, futuristic look that is both eye-catching and functional.
  2. Innovative Smart Bike Display: The handlebar-integrated touchscreen provides a wealth of information and control, including speed, distance, navigation, electric assist mode, and battery charge level.
  3. Enhanced Safety Features: The bike's radar module alerts riders to rear-approaching vehicles through onscreen symbols and handlebar vibrations, while the central headlight, turn indicators, and road-projected symbols increase visibility.
  4. Advanced Connectivity: 4G internet connectivity allows for over-the-air firmware updates, remote access, and fleet bike monitoring, making the bike versatile and adaptable.
  5. Eco-friendly transportation: As an e-bike, it contributes to a more sustainable mode of transportation, reducing emissions and traffic congestion in urban areas.


  1. Limited Information on Specs: The lack of information on the bike's regular specs makes it difficult to gauge its performance and suitability for different users.
  2. Targeted at Businesses: OKGO is marketing the Smart E-Bike directly to businesses, which means individual consumers might not have access to this innovative product.
  3. Unknown Pricing and Availability: As the bike is targeted at businesses, there are no concrete details on pricing or availability, making it challenging for potential customers to plan for acquisition.
  4. No Front Suspension: The bike features a rear suspension but lacks a front suspension, which could potentially affect its performance and comfort on uneven urban terrain.
  5. Potential Maintenance and Repair Challenges: With its advanced technology and unique design, it might be more challenging and costly to maintain and repair compared to traditional bikes.

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