Honda CL500: The New Era of Street Scramblers Marrying Tradition and Modernity

Tradition meets modernity

Sometimes, there is more to a motorcycle than the mere transportation it provides. The thrill of the ride, the breeze in your hair, and the purr of the engine can be an extension of your personality, an intimate part of your story. A motorcycle is not just a vehicle—it is a mirror reflecting your spirit. And nothing embodies this philosophy better than the Honda CL500.

This steed pays homage to its progenitor, the street scrambler CL72, dating back to the swinging sixties. It bears the badge of a long and storied lineage but doesn't dwell on the past. Instead, it's been re-engineered for the streets of today, an epitome of authenticity and modernity seamlessly blended together. Its raw style and intricate details radiate the aura of a time-tested bloodline.

The visual charm of the CL500 is irresistible. Its 12L fuel tank, streamlined and perfectly sculpted, boasts comforting rubber knee pads. The engine, frame, and suspension all cloaked in a sleek black – minimalist and fierce. High, wide handlebars for superior control mirror the evocative high-level exhaust muffler, harking back to an era bygone yet feeling incredibly contemporary.

But what's even more exciting is that the CL500 is more than just a machine. It's a canvas, waiting for you to add your strokes of individuality. It comes in vibrant Candy Orange, Blue Metallic, modern Matte Gunpowder Black, or earthy Matte Green. But that's just the start – there's ample room for you to make it yours. This motorcycle evolves around you, serving as a platform to express yourself and live your dream. After all, it's more than a lifestyle. It's about living.

This ride is not just about looking the part, though. The Honda CL500 is equipped to handle a variety of terrains. Its long-travel suspension makes for a comfortable journey across dirt roads and cobbled city streets. The deep-grooved tyres instill confidence from the very start. Its low seat height and slim mid-section make for easy ground reach and maneuverability, providing plenty of legroom without sacrificing comfort.

The soul of this scrambler, its engine, is a delightful paradox of strength and serenity. The DOHC 4V parallel twin-cylinder engine delivers robust power without the noise and vibration typically associated with such might. It’s responsive, smooth, and surprisingly easy-going, especially at low speed, exuding a soulful sound that only amplifies the joy of the ride.

The assist & slipper clutch eases gear changes, reducing the stress of manipulating engine rpm and the fear of the rear wheel locking up on rapid down changes. This A2 licence compatible motorcycle is designed to be both a robust companion for seasoned riders and a gentle introduction for newcomers.

Beyond its mechanical prowess, the CL500 also shines with its modern features. LED lighting ensures energy efficiency and improved visibility. The LCD display, encapsulated in a 100mm ring, shows just the essentials, keeping it neat and straightforward. The motorcycle maintains stability across terrains with its 41mm telescopic front forks, Showa rear shocks, and ABS optimized for both dirt tracks and roads.

And lastly, to further personalize your ride, Honda offers three accessory packs: STYLE, ADVENTURE, and TRAVEL, adding a cherry on top of an already beautiful motorcycle experience.

In essence, the Honda CL500 is more than a motorcycle; it's an embodiment of your uniqueness. A blend of the traditional and the modern, the practical and the stylish, the simple and the complex. It's not just about getting from A to B – it's about the journey in between, the stories you create, and the identity you embrace along the way.

Ride who you are, not what's expected of you.


  1. Heritage and Design: The CL500’s design draws upon Honda’s long and rich motorcycle history, which will resonate with enthusiasts. The overall aesthetics, from the sleek blacked-out engine, frame and suspension to the evocative high-level exhaust muffler, carry an undeniable retro charm.
  2. Personalization: The motorcycle offers a high degree of customization. The range of color options and the ability to add accessories from three different packs (STYLE, ADVENTURE, and TRAVEL) allow riders to make the bike their own.
  3. Engine: The DOHC 4V parallel twin-cylinder engine offers an impressive balance between power and smooth operation, providing strong torque across the rev-range.
  4. Riding Comfort: The longer travel suspension and deep-grooved tyres make for a comfortable ride on varied terrains. The upright riding position and flat seat allow for easy control and natural posture.
  5. Practical Features: Assist and Slipper clutch control makes for smoother, easier gear changes. Additionally, LED lighting enhances energy efficiency and visibility.
  6. A2 Licence Compatible: With a peak power of 35kW, it's suited for A2 licence holders, making it an accessible choice for new riders.


  1. Not for Power Seekers: While the engine is smooth and responsive, riders seeking a more powerful motorcycle might find the CL500's power output a bit lacking.
  2. Additional Cost for Customization: While customization is a plus, the cost of the accessory packs will add to the overall cost of the bike.
  3. Size and Comfort for Pillion Riders: While the low seat height and slim mid-section are great for the rider, they might not provide the same comfort for pillion riders on longer journeys.
  4. Limited Off-road Capabilities: Despite the longer travel suspension and deep-grooved tyres, the bike might not offer the same off-road performance as more dedicated off-road motorcycles.
  5. Retro Appeal Might Not Suit Everyone: The vintage aesthetic, while a pro for many, might not appeal to riders looking for a more modern, edgy design.

From £5,999

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