ProKennex’s Black Ace Pro: The Gold Standard in Pickleball Paddle Innovation

Innovative, Powerful, Fast, Kinetic, Unmatched

Pickleball enthusiasts, listen up. Something's knocking on the door of the game and it's time to invite it in. We're talking about the Black Ace Pro by ProKennex.

The very first of its kind, this single piece, textured TORAY carbon faced paddle isn't just another piece of equipment. Oh no, this marvel of design and technology is an experience in your hand. It's like taking a leap into the future of the game where everything is faster, more precise, and wildly engaging.

You see, the Black Ace Pro is no ordinary paddle, it's an aerodynamic wizard. It ups the ante in quick exchanges with a swing speed that makes other carbon faced paddles feel like they're stuck in the mud. The power you can generate? It's akin to trading in your sedan for a muscle car.

This beast of a paddle has a heat molded carbon face mated to a polypropylene honeycomb core – a combination that gives the Black Ace a distinctive “pop”. It's like having your own personal symphony each time the ball kisses the surface of this technological marvel.

The wonder doesn't stop there. The Black Ace Pro is imbued with ProKennex's patented kinetic technology – a shock and vibration absorbing system. With an extra kinetic system added to the handle, it's a double whammy of protection and performance. It's like having an onboard force field that filters shock, torque, and vibration, ensuring your game is as smooth as aged bourbon.

Talking dimensions? This beast weighs in at a solid 7.95 oz. The paddle stretches 15.8″ in length, 7.6″ in width, with a handle length of 5.3” and a grip circumference of 4”. These numbers don't just talk, they roar.

Now, ProKennex has been a player in the game for over 6 years, always pushing the boundaries of what's possible. They didn't disappoint with the Black Ace series. This isn't just a paddle; it's a testament to their commitment to innovation, designed and tested by US Open Championship players like Steve Dawson, Callan Dawson, and Jennifer Dawson.

The Black Ace is not just a powerhouse, it's versatile too. It's like a Swiss Army knife for your pickleball games, engineered for that ultimate edge over your competition. Plus, the patented Air-o-Guard replaceable edge guard meets the highest aerodynamic standards to protect your paddle's edge, ensuring it’s battle-ready for life.

ProKennex has also upped the game with its new kinetic system. The technology leverages a highly sensitive timing system and internal tungsten-filled chambers that reduce vibration, and focus energy more efficiently. This creates an environment where energy transfer from paddle to ball is optimized, and impact forces are absorbed before they get a chance to give you a tough time.

And here's the kicker – an independent study by MIT Labs found that this kinetic system reduced vibration by a staggering 43%. Less damage to the arm? Sign me up.

The Black Ace is an investment, no doubt about it. But ProKennex knows that confidence comes with experience. They are so assured of the quality and performance of their product, that they offer a 30-day return policy. Don't love it? Get your money back.

But let me tell you, the first time you experience the Black Ace Pro, it's going to be less about love, more about an obsession. The game is evolving, and this paddle is at the front of the revolution. Get ready to be part of something big.


  1. TORAY Carbon Face: The Black Ace Pro is the first-ever single piece textured TORAY faced carbon paddle. This offers superior aerodynamics, faster swing speed, and enhances your reflexes in quick exchanges.
  2. Kinetic Technology: This paddle comes with ProKennex's patented kinetic technology, an advanced shock and vibration absorbing system that not only enhances your game but protects you from the harmful impact forces that could lead to injury.
  3. Durable Construction: A heat molded carbon face on a polypropylene honeycomb core creates a sturdy and durable paddle. This construction also gives the Black Ace its unique “pop”, enhancing the overall playing experience.
  4. Designed by Champions: The fact that this paddle has been dreamt, designed, and tested by multiple US Open Championship players assures you of its quality and performance.
  5. Size and Weight: The Black Ace Pro is perfectly balanced with its weight of 7.95 oz, paddle length of 15.8″, and paddle width of 7.6″. These dimensions make for a paddle that's comfortable to hold and offers excellent control.
  6. Air-o-Guard Edge Protection: This paddle comes with a patented replaceable edge guard, designed to keep your paddle's edge protected for life.
  7. Reduced Vibration: An independent study by MIT Labs found that ProKennex’s Kinetic system reduced vibration by 43%, causing significantly less damage to the arm.
  8. 30-Day Return Policy: If you don't absolutely love your ProKennex paddle, you can return it within the first 30 days and get your money back. This mitigates the financial risk of trying a new and high-end paddle.


  1. Price: At $250, the Black Ace Pro is a significant investment. Although you're paying for quality and innovative technology, it may not be within everyone's budget.
  2. Not Beginner Friendly: With its advanced technology and features, this paddle may not be ideal for beginners who are still learning the ropes of the game.
  3. Overwhelming Power: Due to the extreme power and pop of the Black Ace, players who prefer a more subtle, control-oriented game might find it a bit overwhelming.
  4. One Size Grip: The grip circumference is fixed at 4”, which might not be suitable for all hand sizes. If your hands are significantly smaller or larger, you might find the grip uncomfortable or challenging to control.


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